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Kyushu Railway Museum


It is a railway theme park organized by JR Kyushu, showing the  history of Kyushu Railways.


Consists of 3 areas; main building, train exhibition hall and mini railroad park.

The main building has diverted from the original Kyushu Railway Headquarters red

brick building built in 1891.


Steam locomotive C59

manufactured in 1941

Electric limited express train,

manufactured 1969

Exhibit the trains used during

Meiji era


General information

Address 3-29 Kiyotaki, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

A Short walk from JR Mojiko Station

Open hours 9:00 to 17:00
Admission fee JPY 300
Days closed 2nd Wednesday except August, 2nd Wednesday and Thursday in July



Kitakyushu is the Industrial Innovation city with many fascinating features.  


The city is blessed with spectacular & stunning natural feature. 

Kitakyushu offers amazing possibilities for tourism and travel with a combination of spectacular

scenery, rich cultural experiences as well as learning possibilities through Study tours based on

the environmental and industrial themes.



Featured Tourist Destinations

Kokura Castle  Kokura Castle Garden River Walk Kitakyushu 

Kitakyushu’s land mark, walking

distance of Kokura Stations

Former site of lord’s guest house

located next to Kokura Castle

A large commercial facility near  

Murasaki River & Kokura Castle


Mojiko Retro

The exotic district, developed 

as International trading Port  

Kanmon bridge

The suspended bridge crossing

the Kanmon Straits

Konamon Pedstrian tunnel

Only the place in the world,
can be crossed the strait on foot


World Heritage

Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial


 Higashida district

The birth place of Steel making

Industry in Japan 

Night view 

The most dynamic night view

in the world from Mt. Sarakura



The city is blessed with spectacular & stunning natural feature, about 960,000 people are living

in the area spreding in river basins where surounding Sea and mountains.

The coastline belongs to Seto Inland Sea National Park and Genkai Sea Quasi-National Park

and also the city has Kitakyushu Quasi-National Park. 


Mount Sarakura

The best scenic beauty spot in Kitakyushu-city

Hiraodai Karst plateau

One of the three largest karst

plateau in Japan 

Wakamatsu-kita Coast

The northern tip Coast of Kyushu

and facing to Genkai Sea


Cool Japan

Tanga market  Uomachi & Kyumachi Night view of Steel Works

A typical Japanese market, 

the kitchen of Kitakyushu-city

A down town arcade shopping

streets to JR Kokura Station

Light upped during weekend


Kitakyushu is the best place for Study tour

The city of Kitakyushu is the birthplace of the modern Japanese steel industry which began

operation in 1901, and is now the world’s leading environmental future city.

Now it is called industrial and environmental city which is representative of Japan.

Therefore the various things can be learn here.


Industrial Heritages

Related to Steel industry

included World Heritage


Steel industry, Robot, Sanitary

ware, Aouto mobile

Environmental Business

Eco business, Power generation,

Waste treatment, Otheres


Various unique architectures

designed by renowned designers


Learn Science, Environment,

Nature, Industry, various history


Japanese Cultures


                                                       Location of Kitakyushu-city



Access to Kitakyushu




General information


City hall ; 1-1 Jonai Kokura-kitaku, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

Cabinet designate city

Access 80 minutes by a vehicle using High Way from Fukuoka Air Port

40 minutes by JR Express train from Hakata Station

19 minutes by JR Shinkansen (bullet train ) from Hakata Station  



Population 945,000            Pupulation density : 1.920 / km2 



West Japan Industrial Club


Historic Building representing modern Japanese architecture


The building was constructed in 1911 as the former Matsumoto Kenjiro residence, and

was designed by renown architectural designer Tatsuno Kingo, whose representative

works was JR Tokyo Station.  


The building is designated as a national cultural asset.


Former owner, Matsumoto Kenjiro was a Japan’s prominent business person and one

of founder of Meiji Senmon Gakkō or Meiji Technical College, Current Kyushu Institute

of Technology.


This building is now open to the public, and it is used as a restaurant, party and wedding reception.



General information

Address 1-4-3 Ichieda, Tobata, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

20 minutes by a vihecle from JR Kokura World Station

10 minutes by a vihecle from JR Tobata Station


Kitakyushu Eco House


Contributing to the prevention of Global Warming


The Eco House proposes an energy-saving lifestyle at home.

It is made environmentally friendly, such as blocking & heat insulation structure and

improving ventilation by ingenerating the arrangement of windows.


Concept of Eco house

1. Comfortable housing with the minimum energy required for life

2. Making maximum use of natural energy without fossil fuels, considering sunlight, solar heat,

    underground heat, wind, water and temperature difference

3. Improvement of combatable life style utilized green and water

The Eco house surounding the


Heat insulation structure

Inside of Enegy saving house


General information

Address 2-2-6 Higashida, Yahata-higashi, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

5 minutes walk from JR Space World Station

Open hours

9:00 to 17:00

Admission fee No admission fee is required
Days closed evey Monday


Hiraodai Karst Plateau & Caves


One of the three largest karst plateau in Japan 

along with the Akiyoshi-dai Plateau and the Shikoku Karst. 


It is located in southeastern part of Kitakyushu-city. 

At altitudes between 400 and 600 meters above sea level and stretching 6 km from north to south

and 2 km from east to west.  



Yougunbaru, which was so names because of the limestone which stands in row like a flock of sheep

in a vast meadow, dolines (conical hollows) and limestone caves create distinctive scenery.

The Plateau offers a different views in each of the four seasons, resembling a burnt field in the spring, 
appearing fresh and green in the early summer, and similar to a dry plain in the fall. 


Hiraodai Karst Plateau Trekking


Limestone Caves

There are three limestone Caves in Hiraodai Karst and each cave has different unique features. 


Senbutsu limestone cave

Literally means 1,000 Buddha Cave, is the largest of the caves in Hiraodai Last Plateau,

extending about 900 m while meandering toward the northeast. The shape of the cave is narrow,

narrow ceiling ravine with a maximum width of 10 m and a maximum ceiling height of 15 m.

Approximately 30 large and small stalactites hang down at the entrance, giving a spectacular scenery. Abundant groundwater still continues to erode in the cave.



Mejiro limestone Cave

It is the longest cave in Hiraodai Karst, over 2 km in length.

The highlight of this cave is the monolithic ceiling which is a very unique structure as a limestone caves.



Ojika limestone cave

The cave is called footfall of dinosaurs.  It is the very rare cave in Japan; the entrance is vertical

pit with 25 meter, when getting down to the bottom, you follow the underground horizontal cave

and you can see the hidden aspects of Hiraodai Karst.


Hiraodai Countryside Park

The most distinguished Japanese Karstic Hiraodai Park.  There is 22ha of lawn square with

observation platform, and a wild grass garden. There is also a plateau fruit tree garden. 

Moreover, the visitor can enjoy the experience of doing activities such as making buckwheat

noodle (soba), ceramics, art flower, and woodwork.



Hirotani Wetland

It is the only wetland in Fukuoka Prefecture, located 600 meters west from Seiryu Cave and

2,500 m east from Hiraodai Nature Observation Center. The wetland is an important part of 

Hiraodai Karst landform, offering a variety of wetland plant life such as the Sagiso (rein orchis),

Tokiso (pogonia), and Nohanasyobu (iris).




Genaral information


Access : 40 mitutes by vehicle from JR Kokura Station  




Kokura Castle Garden


Kokua Castle Garden made at the former site of Shitayashiki (lord’s guest house) located

next to Kokura Castle.


This garden consists of a Japanese garden and a daimyo yashiki  (a lord’s house), a building

of the Shoin-zukuri type (a style of Japanese domestic architecture).


In this garden, not only can you see Japanese traditional architecture, but also enjoy the Tea

Ceremony at the Experience Zone.




Japanese Garden


Japanese Cultural Experience 

Time to enjoy dressing in Kimono, tea ceremony experience, and Rickshaw riding experience 

Kokura Castle Garden and Kokura Castle. You can also take beautiful photographs in this location

to provide you with wonderful memories and recollection of your visit to Kokura.



General information

Address 1-2 Jonai Kokura-kita, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

15 minutes walk from JR Kokura Station

Open hours

9:00 to 18:00   April to October

9:00 to 17:00  November to March 

Admission fee JPY 300
Days closed No closing days


Environmental Museum in Kitakyushu


Environmental learning Museum


The museum has Environmental learning function, Environmental information function and

Environmental activity function.

The Environmental improvement history of Kitakyushu, Global warming and other various

environmental issues can be learned.


The Museum Building

Learn the Global warming

The Environmental improvement

history of Kitakyushu


General information

Address 2-2-6 Higashida, Yahata-higashi, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

5 minutes walk from JR Space World Station

Open hours

9:00 to 17:00

Admission fee No admission fee is required
Days closed evey Monday


Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery Studio


Museum of Industrial Technology


In April 2007, based on this theme of “innovation,” the Kitakyushu Innovation

Gallery & Studio (KIGS) opened in Yahata, Higashida, the first site of steel manufacturing

in Japan’s modern age. 


Various things related Industry technologies are exhibited ;

Exhibition Gallery shows items on the theme of technology development

World Heritage Gallery shows items related Meiji Japan’s industrial Revolution

At the adjacent workshop building, manufacturing experience can be done


Museum Building

World Heritage,

Meiji Japan’s Industry Revolution

Introducing Industry innovation

history of Japan


General information

Address 2-2-11 Higashida, Yahata-higashi, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

5 minutes walk from JR Space World Station

Open hours

9:00 to 19:00 weekdays

9:00 to 17:00 Sataurday, Sunday and National holiday

Admission fee No admission fee is required
Days closed evey Monday


Kokura Castle


Kitakyushu’s landmark Kokura Castle


Located within a walking distance of JR Kokura Stations.


Hosokawa Tadaoki commenced the construction of Kokura Castle in 1602 and spent 7 years to
completed it. The castle had a fivefold and six layered donjon and it was built in the architectural 
style called “Kara-zukuri”.
Then, it served as a residence of the Ogasawara clan. 
In 1866, it was burnt down by the Choshu
War, and the existing castle was reconstructed in 1959.



Castle tower​​



Moat arounf Castle Tower



In the Castle tower

At present, the castle tower is used as a historical museum in which you can

get a true feel for Kokura as it was centuries ago by viewing displays of historical exhibits





Around Castle tower


Featured places around Kokura Castle

Kokura Castle Garden River Walk Kitakyushu Yasaka Shrine



General information

Address 2-1 Jonai Kokura-kita, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture
Access 15 minutes walk from JR Kokura Station



Kyushu Electric Power / LNG thermal power plant


Power Generation


Kyushu Electric Power / Shin-Kokura Plant


Kyushu’s first thermal power plant used LNG and power generation capacity is 1,800,000kw.  

Generation of electricity process can be learned by visiting the turbine room, control room and

boiler plant.


What to learn

Environmentally friendly power generation system used LNG


Where to visit

Exhibition hall, Control room, Turbine room and Boiler room



General information

Address 64-1 Nishiminato-machi Kokura-kita, Kitakyushu-city. Fukuoka-prefecture
Access A 15 minutes ride a vehicle from JR Kokura Station
Days of visit Weekdays except Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays
Fee No visiting fee is required
Booking Can be made by Japan KYUSHU Tourist