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Bungo takada, Showano-machi is located in Kunisaki Peninsula, Oita-prefecture.

This is a town where you can find a lot of Cool Japan and feel the warmth of the person’s heart.

When you come to Kyushu, Bungotakada is one of worthwhile place to visit.




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Kunisaki peninsula


Kunisaki peninsula began to develop 1,300 years ago as a sacred religious ground influenced by  mountain and nature worship, Buddhism, and

Usa shrine rising in the region.  Here remains in Bungo-takada city the historical

background for “home of prayer” consecrating a mass the Shinto deity, Buddha, 

and ancestral spirit. And one of major industry is agriculture and entire area of 

Kunisaki peninsula including Usa are listed on the World Agricultural Heritage.



Welcome to Kunisaki Peninsula

Lover’s (koikana) Road Rural area

Shiitake mushrooms


Exploring Kunisaki Peninsula


Showa no machi


Fuki-ji Temple


Stone lantern

The oldest extant wooden

structure in Kyushu





Image of the god Fudo Temnemji temple

Place of Shugendo

Religious training



World Agricultural Heritage

Paddy field

Farmers houses


Kumano magaibutu


Daiichi nyorai

Fudo myoou


Futago-ji Temple


Choan-ji Temple    



Makino odo



               Location of Kunisaki peninsula