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Nakatsu & Yabakei


Nakatsu is a small city on the north coast of Oita-prefecture, just east of its

border with Fukuoka-prefecture.

During the Edo Period of Japanese history, Nakatsu was a mid-sized domain, and the

town itself has recently expanded to include outlying towns and districts and now comprises

almost 500 square kilometers with a population of almost 85,000.



Exploring Nakatsu 


Nakatsu Castle

The castle was built in 1588 on the estuary of Nakatsu river.


Goganji Temple

The temple called Akakabe Dera literally means red wall.


Exploring Yabakei



The approximately 1 km high monolithic rockey mountain



The tunnel built by a monk Zenkai in Edo period, spending 30 years


Rakanji Temple

A historic temple built on the top of the mountain in 645​




Called Hitomi Hakkei, the scenic spot



Maple Yaba Cycling Road

Cycling road built on the site of the old Yabakei Railroad



               Location of Nakatsu & Yabakei 



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