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Okubungo region


Okubungo region is located in south-east side of Oita prefecture, and consists of

Takada including area, Bungo-ono, Kusu included Kokonoe.



Explore in Takeda and Kuju


Oka Castle Ruin 

Although once impenetrable with its high cliffs, today there is little that remains of Oka Castle


Nagayu Onsen resort

The hot spring is known as one of the world’s top carbonate spring.




Kuju area

Kuju Flower Park    Kuju Winery Bungo Beef 


Exploring Kusu including Kokonoe


Kokonoe Yume Otsurihasi

Japan’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge with the 390 meter long, lovated at 777 meter

above sea level.


Sujiyu Onsen Resort

Nature-rich and quiet Onsen Resort located at the foot of the Mount Waita.

It takes about one hour to Yufuin by car.


Handa kogen Plateau

It belongs to Aso Kuju National Park, located in the southern part of Kokonoe-cho, Kusu-gun,.

Altitude is 800 to 1,200 m. By the opening of the Yamanami Highway in 1964, the area became

a nice sightseeing spot connected to Beppu Onsen and Yufuin in the north and Aso in the south.


Explore in Bungo-ono and Ogata


Harajiri Waterfall

In the Ogata River, running through the center of the Ogata plain in Oita Prefecture





Okubungo Ogata-so

Densyokan Building Kinu-san Clay doll Kinu-san Clay doll



Michino-eki, local shopping center Chindano-taki Water Fall Chindano-taki Water Fall



               Location of Okubungo


Harajiri Waterfall


Harajiri Waterfall is called Niagara Falls of Japan.

The Ogata River, running through the center of the Ogata plain in Oita Prefecture, flows furiously

down a cliff and creates Harajiri Falls.


The falls, 120 meters wide and 20 meters tall, are selected as one of the best 100 falls in Japan.

Lava flows produced by the great eruption of Mt. Aso accumulated and created Harajiri Falls.




 Upstream of Waterfall Upstream of Waterfall  Downstream of Waterfall 


Cherry blossom Suspension bridge Suspension bridge


Wheat field for Beer Ogata-machi Ogata-machi


Ogata-machi Grass Cherry Michino-eki, Souvenir shop




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Nagayu Onsen


Nagayu Onsen is one of the most popular hot spring for foreign tourists, and is located

at the foot of Kuju mountain range.
The hot spring is known as one of the world’s top carbonate spring.


Ramune Onsen Ramune Onsen Ramune Onsen


Nagayu Onsen Open air Bath in the river River side


Onsen Town Onsen Town Onsen Town


Michino-eki, Souvenir shop Local restaurant Onsen town




Kuju, is a part of Aso-Kuju National Park and, is a beautiful town, 

with tourism, beef, strawberries, rice and mushrooms all being 

produced by local small scale farmers.

Mt. Kuju is a popular local destination for hiking and in the spring, 

there are abundant pink flowering shrubs which make the mountain

look spectacular.

The surrounding areas have many Onsen or natural hot springs, and it is fun

to go for a soak after a day of hiking. 
Kuju also has a Flower park, which sells lavender ice cream and some great restaurants, including Kawano Tofu Restaurant and Izumiya cafe, which has

great pasta and black sesame ice cream.


Kokonoe Yume Otsutihasi

Japan’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge with the 390 meter long, lovated at 777 meter above sea level.
From the bridge, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenary including Shinfo Waterfall, selected as one of Japan’s top 100 waterfall, the Naruko river gorge,

and exquisite foliage during the Autumn season.


Kuju Winery

The winery established in 2002, and is located in Kuju-kogen plateau.