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Saga-city in Kyushu is the seat of the Saga-prefectural government.

It faces the Ariake Sea on the south and is home to Saga Airport. In the center of the city is

the Saga Castle History Museum, which also serves as the city’s symbol. The castle itself is no

longer standing, but the main keep has been reconstructed, resulting in one of the largest

wooden structures in Japan.


Saga is also known as the plece where it has made a great contribution to the Japanese

Industrial Revolution.



Saga Castle History Museum

The largest restored wooden building in Japan at 2,500m2, the museum offers the unparalleled

chance to experience a Japanese castle from more than 175 years ago.




Saga Shrine

The shrine dedicated to Naomasa Nabeshima, who oversaw the manufacture of Japan’s

first modern Cannon.


Yoshinogari Remains

Lie on the spacious hilly area in the northeastern part of Saga. Remains of a ringed-dugout settlement

presumably dating back to the 3rd century B.C. were unearthed there, and excavation is still underway

at the site. They are among the largest archeological remains in Japan.





Mietsu Naval Dock

Before Meiji Restoration, the Mietsu Naval Dock served as a venue for naval drilling and

maintenance of Western-style ship, as the naval base of Saga Clan.

Japan’s first practical steam ship, the Ryofu-maru was constructed there in 1865.



Tsukiji Reflectance Furnace

This is the Japan’s first constructed Reflectance Furnace and it was used for Japan’s first

Cannon manufactureing.



Saga International Balloon Fiesta

The largest hot air balloon competition in all of Asia with over 100 participating balloon teams

from all over the world.


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