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Ajimu Winery

Enjoy tasting Ajimu wine
The winery located in the natural rich Ajimu basin.
Ajimu Winery grows high-quality grapes by taking advantage of the temperature fluctuations found in the extreme climate unique
to this region.


The winery brews full-bodied wines using only grapes produced in Oita Prefecture. 

Created based on the image of a winery set amid a forest, the grounds

include a distillery, storehouse, vineyards, and shop. 


Ajimu Winery is striving to further improve research on cultivation of new grape varieties and distilling technologies with the aim of becoming one

of the best wineries in Japan.

Usa & Ajimu


Usa area including Ajimu are located at the base of Kunisaki peninsula and spreading around

Usa Shrine.

Since ancient time the Kunisaki peninsula has been home of Kyushu’s prominent Usa Shrine,

influencing the surrounding hills and valleys with Buddhist culture. Although this is a Shinto shrine,

it has long been holy ground to both Shinto and Buddhist activities, and the Kunisaki Mountains 

and valleys were often chosen by monks as practice ground for meditation.



Exploring Usa & Ajimu


Usa Shrine

 Torii Gate Approach to Shrine Shrine main building 


Ajimu Winery



Scenic beauty

Sen Cliffs Higashi-shiya Waterfall Suzai Waterfall



Cool Japan

Fukami Five Story Pagoda Trowel Painting Trowel Painting


Futaba-no-sato Museum, Sumo Grand Champion Futabayama Museum


Senzai Farm Garden  

250 wisteria flowers bloom at the most largest garden in Kyushu, 200 roses bloom from May

Wisteria flower Tea Plantation Rose Garden




               Location of Usa&Ajimu


Usa Shrine


Usa Shrine is one of the most beautiful Shrine in Japan, and is the head shrine of Hachiman Shrine that is composed 44,000 shrines

that dedicated to the Hachiman Deity. 

Emperor Ojin, who was deified as Hachiman-jin  (the tutelary god of warriors), is said to be enshrined in all the sites dedicated to him; and the first and earliest of these was at Usa in the early 8th century.
The Shrine is located in the city of Usa beween Kitakyushu-city and Beppu, and was founded in 727.


Exploring the shrine



          Main gate, Torii                                 2nd gate, Torii                     Chozusha, purification place 



                              Chozusha, purification place                                          Dedication of Sake



                      Approach to the Shrine main building                                      Hachiman Deity



              Lantern                                   Gourd for good fortune              Omikuji, Fortune telling paper       



       Shrine main building                            Sacred tree                         Lantern for Hachiman Deity