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Asakura & Ukiha one-day tour

  • Harazuru Onsen

Agricultural industries area spreading in the Kyushu’s largest Chikugo plain.

Let’s meet real Japan by enjoying Japanese traditional countryside landscape, local cuisines,

breweries, fruit picking and cultures of Japanese towns & villages.



 Location of Chikugo region



Tour conditions

The tour is the private tour exclusively for your group.

・Minimum number : 2 person

・Maxum number : 30 person

・Start and end of the tour is Fukuoka-city, please specify the place where you want

・Tour date : please specify the date

・English speaking tour attendant escorts your journey to produce a pleasant trip.

・Chartered vehicle is utilized as per number of person.




9:00 Depart Fukuoka-city

Transfer to Toho Village by vehicle using Kyushu Express Way

Exploring Toho Village

Visiting Ukiha Inari Shrine

Asakura  Triple Water Wheel

Fujii Apiary

Exploring Shirakabe-dori Avenue

Lunch at the featured restaurant Shirakabe

Visiting a Shochu brewery

Back to Fukuoka using Kyushu Express Way

17:30 Arrive Fukuoka-city 



Option : the following sites can be arranged as a option.


Yamada Weir  

Pottery experience at Koishiwara 

Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum   

Kora Taisha Shrine  

Fruits harvest experience         



Where to explore

Toho Village

Hoshuyama district, a mountain area blessed with nature and Koisiwara district, pottery industry

representative of Kyushu. Koishiwara-yaki is a type of Japanese traditional pottery in Koishiwara.

The history dates back to the 17th century, when the third Lord Kuroda Mitsuyuki (1628–1707)

invited potters from Imari, Saga-prefecture to Fukuoka.

  Japanese traditional pottery

  in Koishiwara

 Typical Koishiwara Pottery


 Featured desighn of

 Koishiwara Pottery


Ukiha Inari Shrine

Breath taking beautiful scenery in harmony with the Shrine. Located at foot of Mino mountain

range, 130 m height from sea level. The 90 vermilion coloured Torii Gates stand on the 300

steps stairs is introduced you from bottom area to the Shrine main building.

    To the Shrine

    Shrine main building

  Breath taking view from Shrine


Asakura Triple Water Wheel

Asakura is the only area in Japan to use water wheels for irrigation. The irrigation system

used the Triple Water Wheel was completed in 1760. The water is supplied from Yamada

Weir in Chikugo through the canal to the Triple Water Wheel. And then the water distributed

to each rice field by Triple Water Wheel.


  Yamada Weir in Chikugo river

 Asakura Triple Water Wheel

  Rice field


Fujii Apiary

The apiary collecting honey while traveling with bees from Kagoshima to Hokkaido.

The Apiary was established in Asakura in 1909 and offers delicious Japanese milkvetch

honey and acacia honey, both of which have a deep and sophisticated taste.


  Welcome to Fujii Apiary

 Honey collecting in Japan

 Honey from all over the World


Shirakabe-dori Avenue

Time-honored scenery, back to 100 years ago. Located in Yoshii-machi, Shirakabe, literary

meaning is white wall. The avenue of houses with white wall were constructed about 100

years ago.  About 250 houses in the area has been designated as National important raditional

buildings preservation district.

 White painted clay walls

 considered fire protection

 All the houses are about

 100 years old

 The canel running through

 the town


Lunch at Shirakabe or Shogetsu

Shirakabe, authentic Japanese local restaurant

The chef who makes that cuisines also has experienced the imperial family’s cook.

The building is designated by Government as Traditional building at the Conservation district

in Ukiha-city. Japanese cuisines using best local ingredients that vary by season can be



Shogetsu, Eel restanrant

Chilugo region is one of the famous place for Eel cuisines along with Yanagawa.

Shogetu is the renown Eel restutant located in Asakura along the Chikugo river side and

establised 70 years ago.



Shochu Brewery

Let’s sample Chochu at Beniotome Shuzo. Shochu is a Japanese distilled beverage less

than 45% alcohol by volume. The shochu of Beniotome Shuzo is distilled from Sesame.

The brewery can be visited and there is a tasting corner,  Let’s sample Chochu.

 Visiting Shochu brewery

 Featured Shochu, Beniotone

  Enjoy tasting Shochu




Akizuki is a former Castle town located in northern part of Asakura. You can enjoy the

harmony of countryside landscape and former castle town scenery that makes the

atmosphere like a time of 400 years ago.

        Sakurano-baba Street

           Cherry Blossoms 

Autumn leaves


Yamada Weir

Only here in Japan,  the stone-covered Weir constructed. Yamada weir is a construction

for the irrigation system that water is supplied from Yamada weir in Chikugo through the

canal to the Triple Water Wheel to rice field. The large and small stones are stacked against

water flow, and leads water to the irrigation canal while suppressing the momentum of the

Chikugo River.

  Stone-overed construction

   Yamada Weir

   Water supply area


Pottery experience at Koishiwara

Make your own original Koishiwara-yaki pottery. Try your hand at making the famous local

Koishiwara-yaki pottery at Ota-gama pottery, by learning how to create your own piece of

Koishiwara-yaki pottery.


  Making own pottery


 Your own piece


Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum   

The main exhibit room displays a few letters and other items of kamikaze pilots who died

in battle. One case has photos of about 50 kamikaze pilots from Tachiarai Air Base and

includes the following information on each pilot: name, unit, plane used, date of death,

and air base of final sortie.

  Peace Memorial Museum

  Zero-sen fighter

  Cockpit of Zero-sen


Kora Taisha Shrine  

The largest Shrine in Kyushu and the shrine is specified as Ichino-miya or the representative

Shrine in Chikugo region. Located in Kurume-city, stand at the middle of Kora Mountain.

From the Shrine compound, breath taking magnificent view of Chikugo plain can be seen.

Torii Gate, entrance of Shrine

Kyushu’s largest Shrine building

Magnificent view from the Shrine


In the harvest time, the northern Kyushu boasts many area with beautiful fruit orchards.

Fukuoka is one of the leading fruit-producing prefecture in all Japan. The fruit production

in Fukuoka is primarily concentrated in the southern Chikugo region such as Ukiha,

Asakura and Tanushimaru.

Strawbery : December to May


Grape : August to October

 Apple : August to December

 Persimmon : Oct. to Dec.

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