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Fukuoka tour offers customized travel to Kyushu

We are a Travel Agent in Fukuoka offering the following customized tour. 
Tailor-made tour
Self-guided tour
Golf tour
Study tour  
Make an Enquiry    You can contact us by e-mail at
We would also love to chat about your travel plans on the phone,
so why not give our office a call.  

  What we can organize 
Where to explore :magnificent Nature, beautiful seasonal flower 
  Onsen resort, Historical sites, fish market, local shopping area 
  World Heritages, Industrial modernization heritages
What to do : Golf, Japanese cultural experiences, fruits picking 
  boat cruising, cycling, trekking, shopping, farm stay
What to eat & drink : Japanese cuisines, special local cuisines 
  Japanese local beefs, food stalls, Sake brewery, Winery

What to learn: state-of-the-art technologies, Japan’s industry 
  environment, education

  Customized tour   
Taior-made tour
Tailor-made tours offer you the flexibility to choose your own 
path, you can decide how and when to travel, the level of 
service and the hotel standard, Pick in many activities and 
locations as possible, or incorporate some relaxation and free 
time to explore on your own timemore ...

Self-guided tour
If you love travel independently, we will provide right amount 
of support and logistical planning to make you feel comfortable 
in Kyushu.  Our Self-guided tour is a fully tailored Kyushu 
travel.  You can start on any day of the year, giving you 
complete flexibility over itinerary, duration and budget. more

Study tour
Our study tour offers the solutions for what you want to 
improve, develop and solve that you are facing.
Kitakyushu-city which achieved Japan's Industrial 
modernization is the best place for study tours; various 
things can be learn including state-of-art technologies.
 more ..

Golf holiday
Kyushu is well known as a paradise of golf. Whether you wish 
to play the many magnificent golf courses in Kyushu or seek 
out a few of many hidden gems , we specialize in tailor making
exceptional golf tours of Kyushu.
more ...

  Kyushu Travel Guide   
The gate way to Kyushu is the Fukuoka-city where is a fascinating 
cosmopolitan city and is the biggest city in Kyushu. It attracts tourists 
and visitors from all over the world, all year around.
Due to its location Fukuoka-city is the great starting point for 
exploring Kyushu as well as Hiroshimamore ...

The Industrial Innovation city with many different fascinating 
feature. In 1901, Japanese modern steel industry
 started here, 
and since then Kitakyushu became the industry city and 
Japan’s Industrial modernization has been achievedthat. 
For that reason, Kitakyushu-city  is the best place for the 
Study tour.  more ...

Time back to 1300 years ago, in Dazaifu, there was a 
government office to manage the entire Kyushu for a long 
period of 500 years a t the present Dazaifu.
There are numbers of historical sites which reflect to the 
ancient history of Dazaifu, including ruins of the Dazaifu 
itself.   more ...

A beautiful canal town Yanagawa,
Canal boat cruise can 
be enjoyed 
while experience the atmospheres of 
castle town and rural Japanese life style. 
Surprisingly, 60km 
lengh canal in total was constructed in the town of Yanagawa 
and the Yanagawa prospered as a castle town.  
more ...

Itoshima is a Resort town belonging to Genkai Quasi 
National Park located next to Fukuoka-city.
Itoshima is facing Genkai Sea that the dynamic wave makes 
beautiful coast line scenery, and on the other side is s
urrounded majestic Seburi mountain range.
more ...

Chikugo region  consists of Asakura, Ukiha, Yame, Hita
The Kyushu’s largest Chikugo plain spreading in the Chikugo 
River basin, where people live from ancient time and the 
various cultures have been created.  
 There are a lot of 
features here such as rural land scape, fruit fields, ancient 
ruins, castle town, Sake brewery, Onsen, local cosines.
more ...

It became a center of Dutch, Portuguese and other European 
influences in the 16th century and flourished as a trading port.
The detonation for an atomic bomb over Nagasaki during the 
Second World War. Now, however the city has become a 
center of peace, blessed with beautiful natural scenery and 
eclectic mix of historical sites and architecture. more ...

Unzen is a beautiful mountain and
Onsen resort, and was 
the first area to be designated as a National Park in Japan.
Whether you are taking in the stunning  panoramic views  
from top one of the many peaks including Nita-toge Pass 
or looking up these volcanic mountains or Fugen, you will 
marvel at the spectacular scenery.   more ...

The most popular tourist destinations in Shimabara city is 
the Shimabara Castle and is 
also blessed with many Onsen.
One picturesque spot, the Samurai street has colorful carp 
swimming in the canals, and old
Samurai houses in the west 
more ...

The popular hot spring town nestle at the foot of volcanos, Mt. Yufu 
and Mt. Tsurumi. Boasting more than 2,800 hot spring sources and 
flowing rate of nearly 137,000 kiloliters per day. Beppu is considered 
a paradise of hot springs famous for high therapeutic effects.
more ...

Yufuin is a beautiful and quietly rustic
Onsen resort where one of the 
most popular among ladies and International tourist visits to here are 
increasing. Yufuin is located in a green valley beneath the spectacular
Mt. Yufu, a
short walk from the town center will take you to a mix of 
paddy fields, housing and unmarked Ryokan.   more ...

The most popular tourist destination in Kyushu.
The world’s largest caldera and the active volcano give a lot of 
And numerous unforgettable experiences in the rural area can 
be made including Onsen, variety of sports and local cuisines.
more ...

The city
 is a major urban area in Kyushu only smaller in size 
than Fukuoka and Kitakyushu.
It is home to an h istorical castle town and 
is blessed with a 
diverse natural beauty.
more ...

The most popular place is Takachiho Gorge. A narrow chasm cut 
through rock by the Gokase River.  
The nearly sheer cliffs lining 
the gorge are made of slow forming
volcanic basalt columns which 
resemble the scales of a dragon
where the stone twisted and 
flowed as it formed.   more ...

Kagoshima-city is the southernmost major city in Kyushu which 
can see
Sakura-jima which raises the smoke across the 
Kagoshima Bay. Kagoshima prospered in the Edo period as a 
castle town, and is a hometown of Takamori Saigo who contributed 
to the Meiji Restoration.   more ...

It is best known for its steaming sand baths along the beach, 
where bathers in a yukata, or Japanese bathrobe get buried in 
the sand up to their neck.
The sand heated by steam containing 
marine minerals is scientifically proven to have therapeutic effects 
on neuralgia, rheumatism, back pain and other ailments.
more ...

Its capital is Hiroshima-city. It offers the Seto Inland climate, 
which features temperature weather and low rainfall all 
the year round. 
It has two World Heritage sites: the 
Atomic Bomb Dome and Itsukushima Shrine, both of which attract 
many visitors.    more ...

  Off the beaten path in Kyushu 
For the more adventurous or those with more time, there are many more to visit
beautiful & exotic attractions.

Kunisaki peninsula
Japan's sacred 
religious ground 
more ...
Popular Onsen resort 
near Mt. Aso.
Buzen rejion 
Nakatsu, Yabakei &
Buzen. more ...
A beautiful harbor
also used as a naval
port. more ...
Usa & Ajimu
One of the most 
beautiful shrine in 
Japan. more ...
Ebino kogen plateau
Enjoy nature. Rich,
rugged and unique.
more ...
Takeda including 
Kuju, and 
Bungo-ono more..
A rich natural world, 
Onsen & Japanese
Culture.  more ...
 Enjoy nature of beautiful
coast line. more ...
Miyazaki & Nichinan
The spectacular beauty 
of Pacific Ocean 
coastline.more ...

Largest blowfish
market in Japan.
more ...
Called littel Kyoto 
and interestingly.
more ... 

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