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Kyushu Travel Guide

Kagoshima travel guide


Kagoshima is the southernmost prefecture in Kyushu which can see Sakurajima which

raises the smoke across the Kagoshima Bay. 


Kagoshima prospered in the Edo period as a castle town, and is a hometown of Takamori Saigo

who contributed to the Meiji Restoration



 Where to explore  



Sengan-en is the most famous garden in Kagoshima-ken, made by Shimazu lord in the 19th century

at the beautiful bayside Kinko bay.

The garden contains many historic artifacts that tell of its long history.

          Mount Sakurajima

     Shimazu family residence

            Suzumon gate


Shoko Shuseikan Modern Industrial Complex


The museum of the Classics located here exhibits a various of objests related to the Shimazu

family and the Satsuma domain, introducing a Shimazu family tree chart and many other

belongings. The stone buiding which houses the collection has been desighnated on the

World Heritage,  Meiji Japan’s Industrial Revolution,

        Shoko Shuseikan

     Reflectaance furnace

  Base of Reflectaance furnace


Shiroyama Park


The park is most famous for its Shiroyama Observatory with spectacular views over

downtown Kagoshima, Kagoshima Bay and Sakurajima.

       Shiroyama Park

       Stand at the Observatory

        View from the top


Sakura-jima Island


An active strato volcano with three peaks, Kita-dake, Naka-dake and still active Minami-dake.

Formerly an island, it became connected with the Osumi Peninsula in 1914 when lava from its

summit closed the channel between the two

     Yunohira Observatory

     Arimura Lava Observatory    


        View from Observatory 


Sakura-jima Ferry


The Ferry connects Kagoshima-city and Sakurajima in 15 minutes and is operated for 24 hours.

          Kagoshima Port

           To Sakura-jima Island

       Sakura-jima Port


Cape Sata


The southernmost Cape of main land Japan at 31′ 00″ latitude.

Cape Sata is home to many sub-tropical flowers. Visitors may board a semi-submersible

glass bottomed boat called the “Sata Day Go” to enjoy coral reefs marine creatures and

the underwater world.



                 Location of Kagoshima





 General information  


Address City hall  : 11-1 Yamashita-cho, Kagoshima-city, Kagoshima-prefecture

3 hours and 30 minutes by a vehicle from Fukuoka-city

2 hours and 30 minutes by a vehicle from Kumamoto-city

1 hours and 30 minutes by a vehicle from Hitoyoshi-city


90 minutes by a Shinkansen from Hakata to Kagoshima-chuo

60 minutes by a Shinkansen from Hakata to Kagoshima-chuo

Population 596,000   Population density 1,090 / km2



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