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Kyushu Travel Guide in Japan

Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human History


The largest scale Museum in Western Japan for Natural history and Human history

located in Higashida district.


What to Exhibit

Natural History Zone History Zone
The History of Earth and Life Local Festival lobby
The Time traveling room Local Culture history
Diversity of life Discovering history
Discovering Nature History of Kitakyushu
Eco-garden Theme Exhibition
Theme Exhibition  

Natural history, exhibit various

creatures including dinosaurs

East Asia, exhibition theme of

cultural exchange

Human history, exhibit the history

and lifestyle in Kitakyushu


General information

Address 2-4-1 Higashida Yahata-higashi, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

5 minutes walk from JR Space World Station

Open hours 9:00 to 17:00
Admission fee JPY 500
Days closed New year’s holidays


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