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Kyushu Travel Guide

Kumamoto City Tram


The convenient public transportation to travel in the Kumamoto-city

There are two lines ;  A line and B line. Most of the stops on the A line and B line are the same.

Popular stops that both lines go to include Suizenji-koen Park, Kumamoto Castle, Shimo-tori

Shopping Street and the Kumamoto Kotsu Centre Bus Station.


Main destinations of each line

A line : Tasakibashi, Kumamoto station, Karashimacho, Kumamoto Catle, Toricho-suji,

              Kotsukyoku-mae, Suizenji-koen Park, Kengunmachi

B line : Kamikumamoto station, Shinmachi, Nishikarashimacho, Karashimacho, Kumamoto Catle,

             Toricho-suji, Kotsukyoku-mae, Suizenji-koen Park, Kengunmachi

Kumamoto Castle

Shimo-tori Shopping Street

Suizenji-koen Park


 Location of Kumamoto




 General information  



Single use JPY 170 for Asult,  JPY 90 for Child
One-day Pass JPY 500 for Asult,  JPY 250 for Child

Country-wide compatible IC Cards is accepted



Featured tours  

Kumamoto-prefecture   &   Miyazaki-prefecture 

・ Kumamoto, Aso and Takachiho 3 days tour

Aso and Takachiho / Dynamic nature 2 days tour    

・ Takachiho one-day tour

Amakusa / UNESCO Hidden Christian sites 2 days tour

Kyushu Round tours

・ 11 days Kyushu tour

・ 8 days Northern & Central Kyushu tour

・ 8 days Southern Kyushu tour

・ 6 days North-West Kyushu tour

・ 7 days Central Kyushu tour

・ 6 days North-Eest Kyushu tour



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