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Kyushu Travel Guide in Japan

Kunisaki Peninsula Pilgrimage photo gallery


 Coastline of the Peninsula Scenery of rural area  Cherry blossom


Fukiji temple


Fukiji temple

Stone lantern

Fukiji temple, main building 

the oldest extant wooden structure

in Kyushu



 Image of the god Fudo  Temnemji temple

Place of Shugendo

Religious training



World Agricultural Heritage


Paddy field


Farmers houses



landscape of rural area landscape of rural area

Cultivation of shiitake



Kumano magaibutu


Kumano magaibutu 

Daiichi nyorai

Kumano magaibutu  

Fudo myoou



Futagoji temple Futagoji temple Futagoji temple


Choanji temple Choanji temple Choanji temple


Usa Shrine Usa Shrine Usa Shrine


Makino odo Makino odo Makino odo


Rakanji temple Rakanji temple Rakanji temple



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