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Kyushu Travel Guide

Munakata & Fukutsu one-day tour


The Sacred Island Okinoshiam and Associated site in the Munakata Region

has been registered on the Wlorld Heritage in 2016.


Munakata Region is located in the west part of Fukuoka-prefecture and facing to Genkai Sea.

The area are consist of Munakata, Fukutsu, Akama and Oshima Island.



 Itinerary   The following two plans are offered  


  Plan 1   :  Munakata, Fukutsu and Akama


9:00 Depart Fukuoka-city

transfer to Munakata by using Kyushu Expressway

Visit Munakata Shrine Hetsu-gu and Takamiya Saijo

Lunch at Munakata

Visit Shinbaru-Nuyama Mounted Tombs

Visit Miyajidake Shrine

transfer to Fukuoka-city using Kyushu Expressway

17:00  Arrive Fukuoka-city



  Plan 2   :  Munakata and Oshima Island


9:00 Depart Fukuoka-city

transfer to Munakata by using Kyushu Expressway

Visit Munakata Shrine Hetsu-gu and Takamiya Saijo

transfer from Kono-minato to Oshima Island by Ferry boat

Visit Munakata Shrine Nakatsu-gu

Lunch at Japanese Inn

Exploring Oshima Island

Munakata Shrine Okitsu-gu Yohaisho, Windmill Observatory and Mitake mountain Observatory

transfer from Oshima Island to Kono-minato by Ferry boat

transfer to Fukuoka-city using Kyushu Expressway

17:00  Arrive Fukuoka-city



 Where to explore  




Munakata Shrine Hetsu-gu, World Heritage

Hetsu-gu is one of the three shrines that comprise Munakata Shrine and enshrines

Ichikishimahime-no-Kami, one of the three female deities of Munakata.  Visitors passing

through the torii gate and proceeding along the path will find the Main Hall, dedicated to

Ichikishimahime-no-Kami, beyond the Shinmon gate. 

 Torii Gate      


Shrine main building


Takamiya Saijo

The steps lead to Takamiya Saijo (Ceremonial Site), where ancient rituals were performed.
Takamiya Saijo is very important since the rituals currently observed at Hetsu-gu originated there.
To the northwest of the ceremonial site, visitors can view the marine route linking Hetsu-gu with

Okinoshima via the Tsurikawa River, Oshima, and finally across the Genkai Sea.

    Entrance of Takamiya Saijo

 Worship at Takamiya Saijo

Takamiya Saijo Japan’s oldest

 Ancient style Shrine 




Shinbaru-Nuyama Mounted Tombs, World Heritage​

The Tomb Group comprises the tombs of the Munakata clan, an ancient powerful family that led

interactions with overseas countries. The Munakata clan also performed rituals on Okinoshima

and nurtured the tradition of faith in in the sacred island


Miyajidake Shrine

The Shimenawa is the biggest in Japan.

Surprisingly, weight is 3ton, with 2.6m diameter and 11m length.

Shimenawa is the thick, twisted, straw rope. It was believed in ancient days that a Shimenawa

had the power to keep off evil sprits, so many objects connected with Shinto Shrines decorated




Sake Brewery, Katsuya Shuzo

Katsuya Shuzo is a renown local Sake brewery has long history, established in 1790.

The Goshinshu or dedicated Sake to deity for Munakata Shrine is being made this Brewey.

Recommended Sake are Okinoshina, Naranoki and Genkainada.



 Oshima Island  


Oshima Island located 11 km from Konominato Port in Munakata-city, and is the largest

island in Fukuoka-prefecture. The population of the island is around 700.



Access to Oshima Island by Ferry 

It takes 25 minutes by Oshima and 15 minutes by Shiokaze

        Konominato Port

          To Oshima Island

             Oshima Port


Munakata Shrine Nakatsu-gu,  World Heritage

Nakatsu-gu, one of the three shrines that comprise Munakata Taisha, is situated on this island and 

enshrines Tagitsuhime-no-Kami, one of the Three Goddesses of Munakata.


Munakata Shrine Okitsu-gu Yohaisho, World Heritage

Because Okinoshima has long been an object of worship, public access to the island is strictly limited.
The Okinoshima landscape has been preserved intact until now because local people have strictly

observed various taboos.  For example, even if one is allowed to land on the island, one is forbidden

to speak a word about what one has seen or heard there; and one must never take anything from the

island, not even a twig, blade of grass, or pebble.


Windmill Observatory

From the site of a cannon fort used during World War II, visitors can view Okinoshima on a clear day.

The path linking the fort site with Okitsu-gu Yohaisho was constructed by the Japanese Imperial Army.



Mitake mountain Observatory

From the observation deck atop Mt Mitakesan, visitors can view not only the main island of Kyushu,

but also Okinoshima Island.



Lunch at Japanese Inn




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