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Kyushu Travel Guide

Oita-prefcture travel guide


Oita-prefecture is on the north-eastern section of Kyushu

It is bordered by Miyazaki-prefecture to the south, and Fukuoka-prefecture and Kumamoto-prefecture

to the west. The prefecture is a representative Onsen Resort area in Japan, total boasting hot spring sources

and hot spring flowing volume are both Japan’s largest.

Most recommended Onsen Resorts are Beppu and Yufuin.



 Location of Oita-prefecture




Where to Explore


Onsen Resort where the largest hot spring yield in Japan. The popular hot spring town nestle at the

foot of volcanosMount Yufu and Mount Tsurumi. Boasting more than 2,800 hot spring sources and 

flowing rate of nearly 137,000 kiloliters per day, Beppu is considered a paradise of hot springs famous

for high therapeutic effects.



A beautiful and tranquil Onsen Resort, Yufuin is located about 15 km west of Beppu and is spreading in

the Yufu basin at the mountain foot of Yufu. Onsen Resort life can be enjoyed at the beautiful and tranquil

place harmonized with nature in the basin of mountain hill area.



Nature-blessed region at Ono River basin, the northern part is surrounded by Aso & Kuju Mountains.

Okubungo consists of Takada, Kuju, Kusu,Kokonoe, Bungo-ono and Ogata.



Usa and Ajimu

Located at the base of  Kunisaki peninsula and spreading around Usa Shrine.

Since ancient time the Kunisaki peninsula has been home of Kyushu’s prominent Usa Shrine,

influencing the surrounding hills and valleys with Buddhist culture. Although this is a Shinto shrine,

it has long been holy ground to both Shinto and Buddhist activities, and the Kunisaki Mountains 

and valleys were often chosen by monks as practice ground for meditation.



Kunisaki peninsula

Rural area centered on mount Futago, pilgrimage, trekking, onsen, local cuisines can be enjoyed. 

Kunisaki peninsula began to develop 1,300 years ago as a sacred relgious ground influenced by  

by mountain and nature worship, Buddhism, and Usa shrine rising in the region.


Nakatsu & Yabakei

A small city on the north coast of Oita-prefecture, just east of its border with Fukuoka-prefecture.

During the Edo Period of Japanese history, Nakatsu was a mid-sized domain, and the town itself

has recently expanded to include outlying towns and districts and now comprises almost 500 square

kilometers with a population of almost 85,000.


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