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Usa and Kunisaki peninsula one-day tour


Usa including Ajimu & Kunisaki peninsula is located Eastern part of Oita-prefacture


If you want to meet real Japan and Cool Japan, we really recommend to visit this region.

You can feel Japanese mind in the Japan’s local landscape.

And also you can enjoy many type of local Cuisines and local specialties.


Since ancient time the Kunisaki peninsula has been home of Kyushu’s prominent Usa Shrine,

influencing the surrounding hills and valleys with Buddhist culture. Although this is a Shinto shrine,

it has long been holy ground to both Shinto and Buddhist activities, and the Kunisaki Mountains 

and valleys were often chosen by monks as practice ground for meditation.





Tour condition

Start and end of the tour is Fukuoka-city

English speaking guide : local experienced and knowledgeable guidese escorts the tour

Chartered vehicle is utilizes : jumbo taxi or bus as per number of pax



Featured sites 



Usa Shrine

One of the most beautiful Shrine in Japan, and is the head shrine of Hachiman Shrine that

is composed 44,000 shrines that dedicated to the Hachiman Deity. 

                Torii Gate          Approach to Shrine           Shrine main building 


Grows high-quality grapes by taking advantage of the temperature fluctuations found in the
extreme climate unique to this region.
             Ajimu basin              Local wine              Enjoy tasting


Senzai Farm Garden  

250 wisteria flowers bloom at the most largest garden in Kyushu, 200 roses bloom from May

            Wisteria flower              Tea Plantation               Rose Garden


Kunisaki Peninsula


Showa no machi

Showa is the era that lasted till about 30 years ago in Japanese history, Bungo Takada was

the most prosperous in Kunisaki Peninsula for over 300 years from the Edo period up to 1900.
Here remains various old structures and remnants of regional Japanese ​

        Shopping street            Red post      Showa Roman Gura


Fuki-ji temple

The temple is a Tendai Buddhist temple located on the slopes of Mount Futago. The temple was

established in 718 and the temple building is the oldest extant wooden structure in Kyushu


               Entrance              Stone lantern          Temple building


Featured Restaurant, Fukinoto

Located in the precincts of Fuku-ji temple, the local cuisines can be enjoyed such as Bungo beef,

Dangojiru, Soba noddle as well as Special meals used locally harvested ingredients.

     Welcome to Fukinoto     Japanese style restaurant  Soda noddle making experience



The resort park features a beach, a campsite, restaurant and more. The entire premises gets

painted beautifully with colors of each and every seasonal flower in season.

           Beach   Sasonal flower premises            Rape Blossoms


Kumano Magaibutsu

Hewn in a rock Mt. Tahara are two of largest Buddhist stone carvings in all Japan.   A Fudo-myu-o

8 meter in heigt and Dainich-nyurai 6.8 meter height. Said to have been carved in the Heian period,

they have received government designation as Important Cultural Properties.

             Entrance            Daiichi nyorai            Fudo myoou


Maki Odo

The temple houses nine Buddhists images said to be masterpieces of the Heian period,

including the Maki-Odo Seated Amida Nyorai (Amitabha). Figure and statues of the Four Devas.

All are designated as important national cultural properties.

Amidanyorai Buddhist image    Ungyo Buddhist image   Precincts of Maki Odo



This district was once considered the most important estate of Usa Shrine. It has been ascertained

from ancient documents that the rural landscape seen today has remained unchanged since Heian

period. Now included this are, Kunisaki peninsula is listed on the World Agricultural Heritage.

 World Agricultural Heritage             Paddy field        Farmers houses





8:00 Depart Fukuoka-city

Transfer to Usa using Kyushu highway and Higashi-Kyushu highway, 2hours & 15minutes

Exploring Usa Shrine

Transfer to Kunisaki Peninsula

Exploing Bungotakada Showano Machi

Lunch at Featured Restaurant Fukinoto

Exploring Kunisaki Paninsukala; Fuki-ji temple, Maki odo, Onieno sato

Transfer to Fukuoka using Higashi-Kyushu highway and Kyushu highway, 2hours & 30mimutes

17:30 Arrive at Fukuoka-city 


We can arrange any other itinerary considering season or your preferences.



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