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Peace Statue


Completed in 1955, ten years after the atomic bombing


The 9.7 meter high statue sitting on a 4 meter tall pedestal, made by renown sculptor

Kitamura Seibo who born in Minami-Shimabara-city, Nagasaki-prefecture in 1884.


The bronze Peace Statue has one left arm extending horizontally and other right arm

pointing to the sky.

The left arm stretching to the horizon symbolizes world peace, and the other right 

pointing skyward indicates the threat of atomic destruction (the harm of nuclear power). 

The closed eyes show the prayer for the peaceful repose of the victims of the Atomic

Visiting from all over Japan and

the World

Wishing for eternal world peace

from Nagasaki

Kitamura Seibo, the Statue was

completed at the age of 71

Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in front of the statue on August 9 every year and

the Mayor of Nagasaki makes the “Nagasaki peace declaration” for the whole world.



Commitment to World Peace from all over the World





General information

Address Heiwakoen, Matsuyama-machi, Nagasaki-city
Access 5 minuts walk from Heiwa-koen-shita Tram Station 




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