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Kyushu Travel Guide

Sakurai Futamigaura


A beautiful sunset scenic spot at Genkai Sea


The place is selected as Japan’s 100 scenic beauty sunset beach.

Located in Genkai Quasi-National Park


The married rock is connected by the large Shimenawa with 30 metre length and 1 ton weight.

Male rock is 11.8 metre high and Female rock is 11.2 metre hight.


Shimenawa is the thick, twisted, straw rope. It was believed in ancient days that 
a Shimenawa had the power to keep off evil sprits, so many objects connected 
with Shinto Shrines decorated with Shimenawa.



General information

Address Sakurai-Futamigaura, Shima, Itoshima-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

20 minutes by a vehicle from JR Chikuzen-maebaru stastiont

45 minutes by a vehicle from Fukuoka Airport

45 minutes by a vehicle from JR Hakata station

60 minutes by a vehicle from Dazaifu

100 minutes by a vehicle from Yanagawa

100 minutes by a vehicle from Kitakyushu-city




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