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Featured Golf Courses in Kyushu

Around  Fukuoka-city


Genkai Golf Club 

High degree of difficulty course, inspire your challenge mind.
Majestic Seaside Course facing to Genkai bay, each courses are
separeted by pine trees.
・18 holes, 7011yards, Par 72, bent green 
・Access : about 1 hour from Fukuoka-city by a car


Chisan Country Club Onga 

The course is located at hill-side of Onga rejoin and beautiful 
and spectacle scenery can be overlooked from the course. 

・Golf course was constructed in 1973
・27 holes and two bent greens
・Access : about 1 hour from Fukuoka-city by a car


Wakamatshu Golf Club

Located seaside of Genkai Sea and there is a lot of pine trees in the

course waiting for your challenge, and the greens have subtle undulation

・The course is constructed in 1959
・18 holes, par 72, 6744yards, bent green
・Access : 1 and half hours from Fukuoka-city by a car


Yasu Kogen Country Club

Located on the Yasu kogen platea
・Golf course was constructed in 1974, 
・Three causes East, South and West, 
・9holes each course 

・Access: 1 hour from Fukuoka-city by a car


Chikushigaoka Golf Club

The nearest golf course from Fukuoka-city
Round while watching the spectacular view
・27 holes, all vent one green.
・Access :  40 minutes from Fukuoka-city by a car


Ito Golf Club 

Located at the mountain food of Mt. Raizan, 
15metre height difference and moderate undulation are 
designed in the course.

・18 holes, one bent green

・Access: 1 hour from Fukuoka-city by a car


Aso Iizuka Golf Club 

Located in Izuka-city where it was a town coal mine
Golf course was constructed in 1973 and a lot of professional 
golf tournaments were held there.
・27 holes
・Access: 1 hour from Fukuoka-city by a car


Beppu and Oita


Beppu Ogiyama Golf Club

A hill side course with a beautiful view overlooking the whole 
view of Beppu Bay.
・18 holes
・Access: 30 minutes from Beppu by a car


Kijima Kogen Golf Club

Highland course with gently Undulation, fairways are 
completely separated.
・18 holes
・Access: 30 minutes from Beppu by a car


Oita Country Club Tsukigata Course

Hill side course with gentle ups and downs. The fairway is 
wide and has a long distance. 
・18 holes
・Access: 1 hour from Beppu by a car


Nagasaki, Unzen and Shimabara


Omurawan Country Club Old Course

Hill course. Out course is a wide fairway, but the difficulty 
level is high. A different strategy is required for each hole. 

 In course is separated in natural forest, there are no similar holes.
・18 holes
・Access: 1 hour from Nagasaki-city by a car


Shimabara Country Club

It is a hillside course on the slopes of the mountain which can see

beautiful Ariake Bay. The fairway is wide and magnificent course. 

 ・18 holes
・Access: 30 minutes from Shimabara or Unzen by a car


Unzen Golf Course

The oldest public course in Japan, located in the Unzen National Park


・18 holes
・Access: 30 minutes from Shimabara, 5 minutes from Unzen by a car


Kumamoto and Aso region


Kumamoto Aso Country Club

Located at the south side of Aso outer rim. 18 hole.
The course designed by using the natural topography as it is.
・Access: 1 hour from Kumamoto-city and half hours from Aso by a car



Located at the mountain foot of magnificent Aso, 
this course adjacent to Kumamoto Airport.
・Access: 1 hour from Kumamoto-city by a car
・18 holes, par 72

Miyazaki region
located in Phoenix Seagaia Resort 
Seaside course, faces the Hyuga Sea and is separated 
by natural pine forests.

Tom Watson Golf Course
located in Phoenix Seagaia Resort 
Sea-side course that Tom Watson supervised the design 
and was the only one with his name.
The fairway is widely flat 
and each hole in the pine forest is completely separated.

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