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Mt. Sarakura, enjoy Night view

The world’s most dynamic, magnificent and 
spectacular Night view

Mt. Sarakura is the highest mountain in Kitakyushu-city with an altitude of 622 metres from sea level, and

is a part of Quasi-National Park.
In the evening, one of the most beautiful night scenes in the world can be seen, known as the One Million

Dollar Night View.

The height of the mountain is 622 metres from sea level, and the entire view of the Kitakyushu-city

can be observed from the top.



If you walk from the Cable Car Station to the summit, it takes about 120 minutes, however the

Cable Car and Slope car can be carried you in a 10minute to the summit where you can enjoy the

most magnificent and spectacular night view in the World.

The Cable Car take you from the mountain foot station to the mountain top station in a 5 minutes and

change to the Slope Car which take you to the summit in a 3 minutes.


Cable Car


Slope Car


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