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Fugu, blow fish (河豚)

Japanese like fugu sashimi.

Fugu is blow fish, some types contain tetrodotoxin, and it is a thousand times more 
toxic than potassium cyanide.

Therefore, certification and notification is required to clean and sell it.
So why risk your life? The answer is simple – the taste.

Fugu is chewy so as sashimi, it’s cut so thin it’s transparent.


Pieces are spread out like beautiful petals, and a few pieces are eaten at time 
with condiments and ponzu.
One bite of the delicate yet rich flavor will addict you.
Fugu hot pot in winter is supreme it’s made by boiling scraps and bones with 
vegetable in stock.
It’s flavored and enjoyed with ponzu.

After eating the ingredients, add rice for final delicious porridge.

The most famous places where you can enjoy Fugu are Shimonoseki and Usuki.

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