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Day 1 Kumamoto & Ibusuki

                                                                                                    8 days Southern Kyushu tour


Kumamoto situated roughly in the center of Kumamoto Prefecture, is the government and

economic center of the prefecture. From the early 17th century to the end of the

19th century, Kumamoto was prosperous as a castle town.

Ibusuki and surrounded area Satsuma peninsula extends about 50 kilometers south from

Kagoshima-city, making up the south-western section of Kagoshima-prefecture. 




Depart Fukuokacity

Trasfer to Kumamoto

Sakurano-baba Josaien → Kumamoto Castle  

Transfer to Ibusuki

Experience of steam sand bath

Stay at  Ibusuki , Japanese style Hotel,  included dinner and breakfast

Dinner at Hotel : Japanese style kaiseki dinner included local speciality cuisines


Where to explore



Sakurano-baba Josaien

Josaien is located in Sakurano-baba, at the foot of Kumamoto Castle, one of Japan’s

three major castles. It is a popular tourist attraction designed to enhance the appeal

of the old castle town and convey to visitors the food, history and cultural traditions of

the region from Kumamoto Castle, a symbol of the Kumamoto-city.



Kumamoto Castle

The Castle is one of the three great castles and one of the 100 best places in Japan to view cherry

blossoms. Due to the Earthquakes in 2016, the Castle have heavy damages and many of Castle

buildings were destroyed. After that the restoration activities are being performed as fast as possible

and now Kumamoto Castle can be seen from the outside of the moats surrounding the castle.



A hot spring resort representing Kyushu, and is located in Kagoshima-prefecture along

the sea at the southernmost end of the Satsuma peninsula. It is best known for its
steaming sand baths along the beach, where bathers in a yukata, or Japanese bathrobe.










 - 8 days Southern Kyushu tour