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Day 2 Exploring Nagasaki

                                                                                                     Self-guided Nagasaki 2 days tour


Check out Hotel 

Gunkan-jima island cruise , 90 minutes cruise depart from Nagasaki port

Lunch at Nagasaki Wharf 

Transfer to Fukuoka by JR Limited express train from Nagasaki to Hakata, 2 hours 

Arrive Fukuoka-city



Where to explore


Gunkan-jima island cruise  / Hashima Coal Mine

Hashima coal mining island is an artificial reclaimed island and the site of Japan’s first major

undersea coal exploitation pioneered by Mitsubishi. Hashima Island is located 3 km southwest of

Takashima. The site has been registered on UNESCO World Heritages as Sites of Japan’s Meiji

Industrial Revolution.  Now Hashima is a ruins called “Gunkanjima”, so called after its resemblance

to the silhouette of a battleship.



Nagasaki Wharf  

Elegant international & domestic tourist harbour. Made up of around 20 unique shops and

restaurants lined up at the water front, offering various choices such Japanese, Western,

and Italian cuisine, to beauty salons, outdoor shops and more.



Gunkan-jima island cruise




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