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Day 2 Satsuma Peninsula

                                                                                                  8 days Southern Kyushu tour


The Satsuma Peninsula which projects south from the southwest part of Kyushu.

To the west lies the East China Sea, while to the east it faces the Osumi Peninsula

across Kagoshima Bay. Near the southern tip of the peninsula is the 924-metre Mount

Kaimon and the hot springs of Ibusuki Hot Spring.




Leave Hotel in Ibusuki  

Exploring Satsuma Peninsula

   Ryugu Shrine and Nagasakibana Cape

   Ikeda-ko lake

Lunch at Tosenkyo : Somen noodel nagashi

Transfer to Chiran

Exploring Chiran  including Samurai Residence and Chiran Peace Museum  

Transfer to Kagoshima

Stay in KagoshimaWestern style Hotel, included breakfast

Dinner at Kagoshima-city, local speciality Cuisines


Option : the following sites can be arranged as option.

Meiji-gura Shochu Brewery

Nishi-Oyama Station



Where to explore


Ryugu Shrine

It is the Urashima Taro legendary shrine peninsula and this shrine is becoming popular as a power spot

of matchmaking and good fortune in love.



Nagasaki-bana Cape

The cape is the southernmost point of Satsuma peninsula, where a white lighthouse stands.

You can enjoy the view of the magnificent Mount Kaimondake and rocks with the sea spray

wearing them. The Cape is said to be the birthplace of the legend of Ryugu.




Ikeda-ko lake

A circumference of 15 km and a maximum depth of 233 meter, where was created by volcanic

activity long ago. Large eel with a length of 2 meter and circumference of 50 cm inhabit the lake.

It was also known as the lake of a legendary monster called ” Issy” purported to live in the lake. 



Somen noodle nagashi

The unique Somen noodle nagashi in Tosenkyo ravine in Kaimon open throughout the 

year serving cold Somen noodle that swim in the revolving container.





Called a small Kyoto in Kagoshima, offer you a fine collection of Samurai houses and gardens

and Chiran Peace Museum for the Kamikaze Pilots.


Chiran Samurai Residence

Those Samurai Houses were built about 250 years ago. Their gardens are beautiful

designed, with Mt. Hahaga-dake as the background. Other natural elements are

also incorporated, making the whole area resemble a series of miniature of Japanese

gardens housed in boxes. Seven of the gardens are designated as natural scenic spots.



Chiran Peace Museum for the Kamikaze Pilots

This museum exhibits precious materials such as pictures, letters, wills, articles and

mementos of the 1,036 Kamikaze pilots based in Chiran who participated in the Battle for

Okinawa towards the end of World War 2.  It also houses a No.3 type fighter aircraft, Hien.






Enjoy tasting Shochu at the most famous Shochu brewery in Kagoshima Meiji-gura is

Satsuma Shuzo’s Shochu brewery and museum.



Nishi-Oyama Station

The Station is the southern most railway station in Japan operated by JR, boasts a

breath taking view of Kaimon-dake volcano to the front.





 - 8 days Southern Kyushu tour