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Tailor-made Group tour

The Tour leader escorts your Group during the tour, and Professional tour guide
are arranged in key destinations.
A charted vehicle is utilized during the tour. 

You will discover Kyushus best sights, Japanese cuisines & local delicacies and cultural

experiences including Onsen.



Travel styleThe element and grade are selected to suit you

・Start and end of the tour is Fukuoka–city, please specify the place where you want

・Tour date : please specify the date

・Minimum number : 2 person 

Accommodation, from budget hotels to luxury properties

・Experienced Tour leader escorts the tour

Professional Tour guide is accompanied for sightseeing in key destination

Charted vehicle such as taxi or bus is used during the tour depending on number of person 


For more information e-mail us :  info@japan-kyushu-tourist.com  or call : +81-93-521-8897



The Sample itineraries


11 days Kyushu tour 

Exploring throughout Kyushu where is the fascinating destination of

Japan like no others. Where to explore are NagasakiShimabara,

UnzenKumamotoIbusukiKagoshimaSakurajima islandNichinan,

MiyazakiHyugaTakachihoAsoYufuinBeppuKitakyushu and

Fukuoka.  Enjoy unforgettable experiences.


8 days Northern & Central Kyushu tour

Northern and Central Kyushu, many fascinating tourist destinations

are concentrated in this area and a lot of Photo spots on the way to

main tourist destinations as well. Where to explore are Nagasaki,

ShimabaraUnzenKumamotoKurokawa OnsenAsoYufuin,

BeppuKitakyushu and Fukuoka.


8 days Southern Kyushu tour

Exploring Kagoshima-prefecture and Miyazaki-prefecture where are

located in the south-western part of Japan, and has subtropical climate.

Where to visit : In Kagoshima-prefecture are Satsuma peninsulaIbusuki,

Kagoshima and Kirishima. In Miyazaki-prefecture are NichinanMiyazaki,

Hyuga and Takachiho. Finally, exploring Fukuoka enjoy sightseeing and



6 days North-West Kyushu tour

Exploring the 3 prefectures of Saga, Nagasaki and Fukuoka. Those

regions are located on the west side of Japan and the trade with

oversea countries has been carried out since ancient timeWhere to

visit are TakeoArita and Imari in Saga-prefectureNagasakiShimabara

and Unzen in Nagasaki-prefectureYanagawaKitakyushu and Fukuoka

in Fukuoka-prefecture.


7 days Central Kyushu tour

Exploring the 4 prefectures of KumamotoMiyazakiOita and

Fukuoka. Those regions are located central part of Kyushu and

spreading around Mount Aso. Dynamic and beautiful nature can be

enjoyed.  Where to visit are ; AmakusaKumamotoAso and Kurokawa

Onsen in Kumamoto-prefecture, Takachiho in Miyazaki-prefectureKuju

and Yufuin in Oita-prefecture, and Chikugo region and Fukuoka in



Exploring the featured places of Oita-prefecture and Fukuoka-prefecture

Unforgettable various things can be enjoyed such as beautiful nature,

Onsenlocal cuisines, fruits picking and Japanese cultures.

Where to visit : OkubungoYufuin and Beppu in Oita-prefecture,

ChikugoKitakyushu and Fukuoka in Fukuoka-prefecture.



one-day tour

Yanagawa & Dazaifu

one-day tour


one-day tour



one-day tour

Asakura & Ukiha

one-day tour


one-day tour




one-day tour

Yufuin & Beppu Onsen

2 days tour 

Aso & Takachiho

2 days tour



Featured destinations map




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  Black letter indicates destination
























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