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Hiroshima & Miyajima 2 days tour


Exploring the World Heritages


Hiroshima is located in southwestern part of the Japanese archipelago and face to

the Seto Inland Sea.

It has two World Heritage sites: the Atomic Bomb Dome and ItsukushimaShrine, 
both of which attract many visitors.



Travelling route



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 Day 1  Hiroshima  


Hiroshima is facing the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and is largest city in the Chugoku region of

western Honshu.

And Hiroshima is best known as the first city in human history, where the atomic bomb was

dropped on August 6, 1945.

   Atomic Bomb Dome          Peace Park       Hiroshima Castle


Arrive at Fukuoka 
Travel to Hiroshima by Shinkansen (Bullet train) ,  70 minutes

Explore Hiroshima : Atomic Bomb Dome, Peace Park and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Lunch at Hiroshima: local specialty Okonomiyaki 

Hiroshima Castle

Stay at Hiroshima 



  Day 2  Miyajima 


Jewel of the coast, Miyajima Island is symbolized by a looming vermilion Torii Gate set in the Sea,

which denotes that the whole is land is Sacred. There are no maternity wards or cemeteries because

no one is permitted to give birth or die due Miyajima.
Felling trees is also forbidden ; the island is covered in virgin forest, which provides a habitat for

scores of bird species. Tame deer are allowed to roam at will.

       Torii Gate        Itsukushima Shrine     Five-story Pagoda


Travel to Miyajima by JR train 
travel to Miyajima Island by the ferry boat

Explore Miyajima : Miyajima Torii gate, Itsukushima ShrineFive-story Pagoda

Lunch : local specialty Anago meshi
Travel to Miyajima-guchi by the ferry boat
Travel to Fukuoka by a JR local train and Shinkansen
Stay at Fukuoka 




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