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JR Kyushu Rail Pass



JR Kyushu Rail Pass is a pass that allows you get on and off freely.
It covers not only local and rapid trains operated by JR Kyushu,
but also popular limited express trains, tourist trains, and even the Shinkansen.
This pass is available by customer who have a passport issued by a country other

than Japan.


  Validity ( consecutive)  Price
Northern Kyushu  3 days  JPY 9,500
Northern Kyushu  5 days  JPY 11,000
Southern Kyushu  3 days  JPY 8,000
All Kyushu  3 days   JPY 16,000
All Kyushu  5 days  JPY 18,500
All Kyushu  7 days  JPY 20,000

Unlimited travel by Kyushu Shinkansen and limited express train, local train and rapid service

train of the conventional train lines in the designated area.
If you would like to use a regular reserved seat, please book a reserved seat ticket


For more information, refer to the Official website below.

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JR Kyushu Rail Pass





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