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”Kitakyushu is the World Heritage” Bus tour


Learn English while traveling in Kitakyushu                           Japanese  


Japanese industry at the end of 19th century was 200 years behind.

After Mathew C Perry came to Japan in 1853, Japan’s industrial Revolution was started.

In 1901, Japanese modern steel industry started in Kitakyushu. Since then Kitakyushu 

became the industry city and Japan’s Industrial modernization has been achieved here

with unprecedented surprising speed. And Japan’s Industrial modernization processes

were evaluated by UNESCO, and Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution has been
registered on the World Heritage.


The tour offers how Japan became the world’s leading Industrial country by visiting World Heritage

and Industrial Modernization Heritages sites as well as Eco-town area.



       World Heritage                  Kawachi Reservoir                Eco-town


Where to travel

Higashida district

    Japan’s modern steel industry was started at Higashida district in 1901. 

    Since then, the Works was expanded and enhanced and greatly contributed

    to Japan’s industrial modernization

Kawachi Reservoir

    The first-class civil construction heritage that triggered the registration of 

    UNESCO World Cultural Heritage of Meiji Japan’s Industrial Revolution


    Kitakyushu is now the most advanced city in Japan with regarding to pollutuion control

    and recycling technologies. The world leading environmental issues can be learned here.


Tour condition

・Date  March 24 (Sat.), 2018

・Participant : Max 40, Min 25

・Transportation : Chartered bus

・Price : 4,500 yen a person  (included tour document fee)

・Guide  : Japan KYUSHU Tourist  Masa Kondo



・Time  :  9:00 through 9:20

・Place :     Parking lot of the Bus at JR Kokura Station Shinkansen side 



9:30  Depart at JR Kokura Station

 Kitakyushu Innovation Garary → Higashida No.1 Blast Furnace

   World Heritage / First Head office of the Steel Works → Yawata Port

   Lunch at Higashida AEON Mall

   Kawachi Reservoir → Eco-town

・16:30 Disband at JR Kokura Station



Tour Guide : Masa Kondo, Managing director of Japan KYUSHU Tourist

I will guide you in a bilingual language of English and Japanese, who has

has expertise and experience in the technical field having worked in the

steel making company in many countries such as Argentina, Brazil  USA,  Finland, Italy and South Africa.



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