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Munakara & Fukutsu / UNESCO Sacred region one-day tour


Munakata and Fukutsu are located in the west part of Fukuoka-prefecture and facing

to Genkai Sea.

The Sacred Island Okinoshiam and Associated site in the Munakata Region has been

registered on the UNESCO World Heritage in 2016. This tour introduce UNESCO

World Heritage and related places in Munakata and Fukutsu.


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Location of Munakata & Fukutsu





Tour conditions 


The tour is the private tour exclusively for your group.

・Minimum number : 2 person

・Maximum number : 30 person

・Start and end of the tour is Fukuoka–city, please specify the place where you want

・Tour date : please specify the date

・English speaking tour attendant escorts your journey to produce a pleasant trip.

・Chartered vehicle is utilized as per number of person.





9:00 Depart Fukuoka-city

Transfer to Munakata

Exploring Munakata

 Munakata Shrine Hetsu-gu 

   Takamiya Saijo

Lunch at Munakata

Transfer Fukutsu

Exploring Fukutsu

   Shinbaru-Nuyama Mounted Tombs

   Miyajidake Shrine

   Sake Brewery

Transfer to Fukuoka-city

17:00 Arrive  Fukuoka-city



Where to explore


Munakata Shrine Hetsu-gu  / UNESCO World Heritage

Hetsu-gu is one of the three shrines that comprise Munakata Shrine and enshrines

Ichikishimahimeno-Kami, one of the three female deities of MunakataVisitors passing

through the torii gate and proceeding along the path will find the Main Hall, dedicated to

Ichikishimahime-no-Kami, beyond the Shinmon gate. 




Takamiya Saijo

The steps lead to Takamiya Saijo (Ceremonial Site), where ancient rituals were performed.
Takamiya Saijo is very important since the rituals currently observed at Hetsu-gu originated

there. To the northwest of the ceremonial site, visitors can view the marine route linking

Hetsu-gu with Okinoshima via the Tsurikawa River, Oshima, and finally across the Genkai Sea.



Shinbaru-Nuyama Mounted Tombs  / UNESCO World Heritage

The Tomb Group comprises the tombs of the Munakata clan, an ancient powerful family that led

interactions with overseas countries. The Munakata clan also performed rituals on Okinoshima

and nurtured the tradition of faith in in the sacred island.



Miyajidake Shrine

The Shimenawa is the biggest in Japan. Surprisingly, weight is 3ton, with 2.6m diameter and

11m length. Shimenawa is the thick, twisted, straw rope. It was believed in ancient days that 

a Shimenawa had the power to keep off evil sprits, so many objects connected with Shinto

Shrines decorated.



Sake Brewery, Katsuya Shuzo

Katsuya Shuzo is a renown local Sake brewery has long history, established in 1790.

The Goshinshu or dedicated Sake to deity for Munakata Shrine is being made this Brewey.

Recommended Sake are Okinoshina, Naranoki and Genkainada.




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