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Kyushu Travel Guide

Hirotani Wetland


It is the only wetland in Fukuoka Prefecture,


Located 600 meters west from Seiryu Cave and 2,500 m east from Hiraodai Nature 

Observation Center. The wetland is an important part of Hiraodai Karst landform,

offering a variety of wetland plant life such as the Sagiso (rein orchis), Tokiso (pogonia), and 

Nohanasyobu (iris).



General information


located in north-east  side of Fukuoka-prefecture

Kokura-minami-ku and Kanda-machi Miyako-gun


40 minutes by a vehicle from JR Kokura station to Hiraodai Nature Center

40 minutes walk from Hiraodai Nature Center to Hirotani Wetland


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