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Tailor-made tour


Kyushu is a fascinating destination like a Treasure Chest of Japan.

Tailor-made tours offer you the flexibility to choose your own  path, you can decide how and

when to travel, the level of  service and the hotel standard.

Pick in many activities and locations as possible, or incorporate some relaxation and free time

to explore on your own time.



Provide Private Itinerary


Take the advantage of superiority as local travel agency in Kyushu.

 we will provide you a elaborated itinerary to suit your requirement showing suggested accommodation, 

professional and friendly service. ,   

     Sasebo & Huis Ten Bosch



 And all the support you need to make travelling in Kyushu an absolute pleasure.



We can organize it from a wide variety of options depending on your destination & number of pax

such as chartered vehicles or public transportations.

      Chartered bus

     Tour bus

     Public transportation

Chartered Jumbo taxi with 9 seats, English speaking driver is available

Chartered bus with 24, 30 or 45 seats, no English speaking driver is available 


Japanse style Inn called Ryokan or Western style hotel can be arranged 
Levels of accommodation; comfort  (3 star ), superior (4 star), or deluxe (5 star)

   Onsen Resort accommodation

    Japanese style room

    Western style room

We can propose the best suit accommodation as per your requirement and budget. 

Meal arrangement

The dining experience of Japanese cuisines and local foods is one of the best excitement

during the trip to Kyushu.  We propose and book the best restaurants to suit your preference

and budget from information on restaurants and meals available only at local travel agent.


     Satsuma peninsula


Furthermore, Halal meals can be arranged.

Excursion arrangement 

We can arrange various excursions such as fruits picking, Sake brewery, boat cruising, cycling trekking,

shopping as well as farm stay. 

        Fruit picking



      Sake Brewery

If you have any particular activities or hobbies you would like to incorporate into your trip


Extra arrangement

We can also arrange the following if you are intereted in. 

Industrial company visit such as TOYOTA, NISSAN, TOTO, Yaskawa Electric,

Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metal.


       Yaskawa Electric

  Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metal

Japanese cultural experience in Kitakyushu can also be arranged such as dressing in Kimono,

tea ceremony and rickshaw riding at  Kokura Castle.


English Tour Guide

Excellent Guides and Japan’s Experts with International sense are a key feature of our

Exclusive tours.

We offer the best suitable guide for your trip in consideration of the type of tour and places to visit. 

     Mount Inasa


    Confucius Shrine

Chinese and Korean Speaking guide can also be organized if you need.



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  Red letter indicate prefecture

  Black letter indicate destination























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Suggested Itinerary for Exploring Kyushu  


11 days Kyushu tour

8 days Northern Kyushu tour

8 days Southern Kyushu tour

6 days North-West Kyushu tour

6 days Central Kyushu tour

6 days North-East Kyushu tour

2 days Hiroshima & Miyajima tour




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