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Kyushu Travel Guide


Kyushu is the destination like a Treasure Chest of Japan


We have prepared tourist information as per our own investigation by visiting each destinations,

tourist attractions, restaurants, shops, facilities and other places.

Featured tourist destinations as well as numerous hidden gems shown by photos which are

taken by us.


And the information are always being updated.

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Prefecture map


Japan’s southernmost Kyushu Island consists of seven prefectures shown on the map


Red letter indicate prefecture

Black letter indicate destination



























The biggest city in Kyushu and

has a long history as commercial

town and castle town


World leading Environmental

Future city, and blessed with 

spectacular & stunning nature 


The town of Cool Japan, has

1300 years history since

Dazaifu Shrine constructed




Chikugo region


A Resort town with beautiful

dynamic Genkai Sea; seafood

gourmet, rural landscape,

local products shopping,

Sake brewery are offered 


Former Castle town with

beautiful canal, facing to Ariake

bay; Canal boat cruise, local

cuisines (eel & seafood) , Sake

brewery can be enjoyed


Agricultural industries spreading

in the Kyushu’s largest 

Chikugo plain; beautiful rural

landscape, fruit picking, Sake

brewery, Onsen


Fukuoka-prefecture Saga-prefecture  

Munakata region


Karatsu & Yobuko 



World Heritage, the Sacred

Island Okinoshiam &

Associated site in the

Munakata Region


Known as the plece where it

has made a great contribution

to the Japanese Industrial



Karatsu was prospered from

ancient times as an important

trading port, Yobuko famous for fresh squid cuisines


Saga-prefecture   Nagasaki-prefecture

Takeo & Arita & Imari




Takeo is a Onsen resort with

1300years history, Arita is the

birthplace of Japan’s porcelain

with 400years history, Imari is

also porcelain town


Southern part of Saga, facing

to Ariake bay, Yutoku Inari

Shrine is one of the most

famous Inari shrine in Japan


International city centred on

beautiful Nagasaki harbour

greatly contributed to Japan’s modernization since Dejima

was established





Sasebo & Huis Ten Bosch


Originally developed as Onsen Resort for foreigner in the

Japan’s 1st designate National

Park Unzen


Castle town blessed with

nature, facing Ariake Bay in the

east and mountain foot of Unzen



The town surrounded azure sea with breathtaking 99 islands

scenery, and beautiful theme 

park Huis Ten Bosch 





Kunisaki peninsula


Japan’s most popular Onsen

Resort, the exciting Hell tour

is recommended


Graceful Onsen Resort located 

in the Yufu basin surrounded by

Mount Yufu and Tsurumi


Rural area centered on mount

Futago; pilgrimage, trekking,

onsen, local cuisines


Usa & Ajimu

Nakatsu & Yabakei

Okubungo region


Tranquil country side spreading around the Japan’s most

beautiful Usa Shrine


Nakatsu is a Castle town,

Yabakei offers dynamic rock formations at the valleys along Yamakuni River


Nature-blessed region at Ono

River basin, the northern part

is surrounded by Aso & Kuju Mountains



Kumamoto-city Aso  

Kurokawa Onsen 



Powerful Castle town

represented by Kumamoto

Castle and Suizenji Park


Magnificent & dynamic scenic

beauty areas spreading in the

World’s largest Caldera


The best Onsen Resort feel

Japan’s fascinating old town






Amakusa is an archipelago

located west side of Kumamoto, beautiful landscape, seafood & local delicacis, marine activities


Castle town along rapid stream

Kuma river, Onsen resort, river

boat riding, steam locomotive, limestone cave


West coast of Kyushu and

faces Amakusa islands;

beautiful landscape,

sea food, Onsen resorts 





Miyazaki & Nichinan


Dynamic Takachiho Gorge

and the birthplace of Japanese

mythology, Amano Iwato shrine

the birthplace of Kagura,

Takachiho shrine


Spectacle art collection of

exposed Rocks created by

raging wave of Hyuga Sea,

Japanese traditional fishery

port Mimitsu


Facing to Pacific Ocean, offers beautiful subtropical region;

Ocean Resorts, wild animal,

historical places, beautiful landscape



Kagoshima &

Osumi peninsula

Ibusuki & Satsuma




the southernmost major city

Kagoshima, dynamic nature

spreading around Sakurajima


One of the most popular Onsen

resort in Japan, located in

southern most of Kyushu


Called a small Kyoto in Kagoshima, offer a fine collection

of Samurai houses and gardens



Kagoshima-prefecture Yamaguchi-pefecture Hiroshima-prefecture





The highland Resort located

in the mountain foot of

Kirishima, mythological village


The southwestern tip of Honshu island, connected with Kyushu Island across the Kanmon Strait


Southwestern part of Honshu Island, face to the Seto Inland

Sea, it has two World Heritages


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