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NEWS Foreigners are allowed to enter Japan under special conditions of short stay for tourist purpose from June 10, 2022


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  We are the Travel Company specialising in Kyushu. Kyushu is the island where we live, so we have extensive knowle


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Kyushu is one of the Japan’s major Island with a size of 330km north-south and 240km east-west, and composed of numerous


Japan reopen to international tourist


  Japan has started accepting foreign tourists (note 1) through Package tours (note 2) with Tour attendant (note 3




  外国のお客様に、九州で『日本の旅』を楽しんでもらうために、2008年に福岡県北九州市で 創業しました。 社名はその理念の通りシンプルに『ジャパン九州ツーリスト』(Japan KYUSHU Tourist)です。 現在、外国人な


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Japan KYUSHU Tourist Co., Ltd
We are the specialist of Fukuoka and Kyushu tours in Japan and offer
the various types of customized private tours and trips exclusively for you.
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