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Mojiko Retro



What Dr. Einstein acclaimed Moji. Dr. Albert Einstein awarded Nobel Prize in Physic

visited Moji in 1922, and he acclaimed that everything could see were ARTS.


Moji-ko Port flourished following its 1889 designation as a Special National Port for exporting 
coal and other products. Close to China, it served as a trading port making an important
contribution to modernization of Japan. Time have changed but architectural remainder like 
the former Moji Customs Building from 1912, the wooden Mojiko Station Building from 1914,
and the former Osaka Mitshi O.S.L Line building from 1917 in Moji-ko Port Retro area remain 
as symbols and attractions.



Where to explore  


Mitsui Club

It was built by the Mitsui Co., Ltd in 1921 as a reception centre and to provide accommodation for

VIP’s.   Albert Einstein (1879-1955), one of the world’s most famous theoretical physicists, stayed

here during his visit to Japan with his wife in 1922.


Kaikyo Plaza

The shopping area in the Mojiko Retro district located by the sea. “Full of a romance market which

stir up forgetting contentment” is the direct translation of the concept Kaikyo Plaza is based on. 

The area has a very romantic ambience and evokes feeling of nostalgia and contentment that will 

never be forgotten. 


Mojiko Station

It is the only Station building that is designated as an Important National Cultural Property 

together with Tokyo Station. Mojiko Station is a beautiful station built in the Renaissance 

style and modeled on the Termini Station in Italy


Mojiko Retro Observatory       

Situated on the 31st floor of the high-rise apartment building “Retro Hi-Mart”.  The 103 metre-high

observatory offers magnificent views of the Mojiko Retro district, the Kanmon-kyo Bridge over the 

Kanmon Strait, as well as the Shimonoseki area.


Blue Wing Moji

This bridge, made in 2003, is the only pedestrian draw bridge in Japan, and is one the

most popular photo spot in Mojiko Retro. The length of the bridge is 108 meters and 

it is opened 6 times a day at 10h, 11h, 13h, 14h, 15h and 16h.​


Kyushu Railway Museum

It is a railway theme park organized by JR Kyushu, showing the history of Kyushu Railways.

The display of steam locomotives and old trains used by Kyushu Railway is fascinating and 

always evokes feelings of nostalgia among visitors.​


Kanmonkyo bridge 

The suspended bridge crossing the Kanmon Straits, a stretch of water separating two of Japan’s

four main islands. On the Honshu Island side of the bridge is Shimonoseki and on the Kyushu

Island side is Kutakyushu.

 View from Mekari Observatory

Kitakyushu, Kyushu Island 

 Semonoseki, Honshu Island


Konamon Pedstrian tunnel

Only the place in the world !   You can cross the strait on foot. The Kanmon Strait, separating

Honshu and Kyushu, is a very beautiful and busy waterway with as many as 700 small and large

ships a day passing through it. 



Moji, Kyushu Island side  

  Cross the strait on foot


  Shimonoseki, Honshu Island 


Local Cuisines


Kawara Sobe

Kawara soba is a local cuisine which Soba noodles and meat are cooked together on a Kawara

(stone roof tile) and dipped into a special sauce when eating it. It is said that the hints were

obtained from the time when during the Seinan civil war in 1877, soldiers of Satsuma who

surrounded the Kumamoto castle used kawara (stone roof tiles) to cook wild plants and meat.


Yaki curry

Yaki curry latterly means baked curry and is local cuisine in Moji which is curry with rice

topped with cheese and/or egg heated in oven. The melted cheese and soft-boiled egg

combine with the spicy curry to enhance its flavor even more.



  Location of Kitakyushu-city




 General information  
Address Minato-machi, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-prefecture

A short walk from JR Mojiko Station

25 minutes by a vehicle from JR Kokura Station

70 minutes by a vehicle from JR Fukuoka-city

80 minutes by a vehicle from JR Usa

100 minutes by a vehicle from JR Beppu

110 minutes by a vehicle from JR Yufuin

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