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26 Saints Martyrs of Japan Pilgrimage tour


26 Saints are the first martyrs in Japan.


26 Christians arrested in Kyoto who were consisted of 20 Japanese, 4 Spaniards,

1 Mexican, and 1 Portuguese.

They walked from Kyoto to Nagasaki in January and February 1597.

How great were the physical and mental suffering of those 26 men who were

forced to march all the way from Kyoto to Nagasaki during these cold

winter days, and they all ascended to heaven at Nishizaka Hill on Februay 05.


This tour follows the pilgrimage routes of 26 saints from Fukuoka to Nishizaka.

And also visit the relating places of 26 Saints.



The customized tour is planned as per the following conditions.

1) The tour starts from Fukuoka  

2) Private vehicle is utilized as per number of person

  ・less than 7 persons : chartered taxi with English speaking driver

  ・more than 8 persons : chartered bus with Japanese speaking driver,

       English speaking tour guide navigates the tour

3) Accommodation

   ・Type : Western style accommodation, Japanese stye accommodation called Ryokan  

   ・Grade : economy, intermediate or luxury

4) Meals :Japanese cuisines, local specialities



Day 1   Hakata to Sonogi pilgrimage route, Nagasaki






Welcome to Fukuoka ! You will be greeted tour guide.

The privete vehicle is used for the tour


Pilgrimage route : Hakata Port to Sonogi Port : total 120km

Actually, 26 martyrs took 4 days for the following route 

・February 01 : Hakata port → Itoshima → Karatsu →Yamamoto ; 58km

                                stay in Yamamto

・February 02 : Yamamoto → Tokusue ; 5km

                                stay in Tokusue  

・February 03 : Tokusue → Takeo ; 31km

                                stay in Takeo

・February 04 : Takao → Ureshino → Sonogi Port : 26km

                                Sonogi Port to Tokitsu port by a boat, and stay on the boat


Drive to Nagasaki   

Check in the Hotel

Dinner at the Hotel

Stay in Nagasaki 


Day 2   Tokitsu to Nishizaka Pilgrimage route, Nagasaki 





Breakfast at the Hotel

Drive to Tokitsu

Tokitsu Port

  The place where 26 Martyrs arrived by the boat on the cold night of February 04, 

  and dawn on February 05, they got off the ship with a cold body and landed

  at Togitsu Port

Follow the Pilgrimage route by the use of privete vehicle

  12km path to Nishizaka, the place of martyrdom. Passed through the mountain

  pass, and through Michinoo, Akasako, and Urakami

Visit Nishizaka Hill, 26 Saints Martyred on February 05, in 1597 


Visit the 26 Martyrs Museum  

Visit Saint Filippo de Jesus Church

Visit Nakamachi Church

Return to the Hotel

Dinner at the Hotel

Stay in Nagasaki 


Day 3   Nagasaki Pilgrimage sites  





After breakfast, check out the Hotel


Visit Oura Cathedral

lunch at Dejima Warf

Visit Urakami Cathedral

Visit Peace Park 

  Atomic Bomb Museum

  Ground Zero and remained Urakami Cathedral column 

  Peace Statue


Drive to Fukuoka

Check in the Hotel in Fukuoka

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