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Samurai Experience in Kumamoto

Discover the spirit of Miyamoto Musashi who was the strongest

Sumurai in Japan.


You can learn the real Samurai swordsmanship and sprituality 

that has been passed down for 380 years.




Japan KYUSHU Tourist can organized Samurai Experience in 




The first tour after COVID-19

The first tour after COVID-19 in Kyushu has finished successfully.

Customer ;  2person from Singapore

Schedue : Sep. 29 to Oct. 13, 14 night and 15 days

Transportation : Private vihecle and JR train


Where to explore

Day 1 : Arrive at Fukuoka and exploring Fukuoka, stay Fukuoka

Day 2 : Exploring Yanagawa, stay Fukuoka

Day 3 : Exploring Nagasaki, stay Nagasaki

Day 4 : Exploring Nagasaki, stay Nagasaki

Day 5 : Exploring Kumamoto, stay Kumamoto

Day 6 : Exploring Satuma peninsula, stay Ibusuki

Day 7 : Exploring Satsuma peninsula and Chiran, stay Kagoshima

Day 8 : Exploring Kagoshima and Sakurajima island, stay Kagoshima

Day 9 : Exploring Takachiho, stay Aso

Day 10 : Exploring Aso, stay Aso

Day 11 : Transfer to Fukuoka, stay Fukuoka

Day 12 to 14 : Exploring around Fukuoka, stay Fukuoka

Day 15 : Return to Singapore


What our Customer have to say

Hi Masa, thanks for your services in Japan,

We had a great time there. Now we are back home in Singapore.


October 20, 2022

Enjoy Japanese cuisines

One of the most enjoyable things of journey is to experience of local cuisines.

We would like to offer a lot of meals what you have never taken before.


Sep. 25, 2022

The tourist Visa is no longer required

Japanese government has expressed that the tourist Visa is no longer 

required to enter Japan from October 11.


Sep. 23, 2022

Japanese Travel season is coming

The best season for Travel is from October.

We believe that The tourist Visa may not be be required from October.


Sep. 18, 2022


No Tourist Visa is reqyired

Japanese Government expressed that before long the International Tourist can be enter

into Japan without Tourist Visa.   


Sep. 11, 2022

We are welcome you to visit to Japan as a Travel Agent in Fukuoka.

When International tourists visit Japan, a package tour made by Tourist Agent.

We can create your own tour package as per your requirement include accommodation and

transportations booking.  And also, we can assist tourist Visa application.


Sep. 03, 2022

Japan will finally open to International tourists

Due to the improvement of COVID-19 situation in Japan, Prime Minister Kishida has

expressed on Aug. 31 that the current restrictions will be relaxed from Sep 7 as follows

to open Japan to International tourist.

・The PCR test within 72 hours before entering Japan is exempted under the condition

 of three vaccinations.

・No tour guide or a tour conductor is required.

・Maxum number of visitors to Japan is 50,000 person per month


Aug. 31, 2022

No PCR test will be required

Prime Minister Kishida has expressed that the PCR test before entering Japan will be exempted

under the condition of three vaccinations from September 7, 2022.


Aug. 24, 2022

PCR test before entering Japan

Currently, the negative certificate of PCT test is required entering Japan.

Today, the situation has progresses for better.

The government has announced that PCR test before entering Japan would be exempted

under the condition of three vaccinations.


Aug. 23, 2022