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About Japan


Onsen Resorts in Kyushu

Kyushu is known for the best and most picturesque Onsen resorts

in all of Japan. The profusion of Onsen is due in part to Kyushu’s

very landscape: it’s home to no less than 9 volcano groups that

are responsible for creating the island’s thermal waters.


Japanese cuisines and local delicacies in Kyushu

You can enjoy many different local dishes using fresh and unique

ingredients in various places during your travel.

Also you can meet a lot of amazing things what you have never

experienced before.



Japanese religions

Why is Japanese religious orientation eclectic? Japanese indigenous religion,

Shinto, has no founder or written doctrine and places a great emphasis on

ancestor and nature worship. Japanese with no strong religious beliefs

consider  religion as traditional customs handed down from ancestors. 

This has developed great tolerance for other religions.


Japanese Christianity

Christian history in Japan was started when St. Francis Xavier came to

Japan as a first Christian missionary in 1549.

And Japanese Christianity has a unique history of continuing faith

while coexisting with Japanese Religion Shinto and General society.


Japanese history 

If you know the background of the places and buildings you visit during

sightseeing, your journey Japan will be more enjoyable.

Japanese history is one of thing for introducing Japan



Kyushu Travel Guide

Kyushu is the most southerly of Japan’s 4 major islands. It is separated

from Japan’s main island of Honshu by the Kanmon Strait.

All the prefectures of Kyushu face to the seas and have intricate, spectacular

and sometimes isolated coast linesKyushu is characterized by its many

volcanic mountainsKyushu itself is composed of numerous unique and

charming regions all with their own distinctive history, culture, cuisine,

natural beauty, geography, industry and economy.


Hidden Gems in Kyushu

There are so many Hidden Gems that are not introduced in the tourist

guide books in Kyushu.

And plenty of fascinating things can be find at off the beaten path

what you never seen and what you never experienced.


Nature in Kyushu



Featured things in Japan

Japan’s land is surrounded by the sea, and is isolated from other

countries geographically. Because of that situation, Japan has

a lot of unique things including nature, history, culture, lifestyle

and local cuisines. Therefore, you can experience many things

that you have never experienced before.



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