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We are the specialist’s for travel and tours in Kyushu, Japan
warmly welcoming customers from all over the world.


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Travel Agent in Fukuoka


We are the Travel Agent for International tourists specialising in Kyushu.

Our office in Fukuoka where is gateway to Kyushu.

We are providing the following services to both Travellers and Travel Agencies.



For Travellers         


Tailor-made tours


All of our tours are Customized tour exclusively for you, since everyone has different

expectations, desire and travelling style. We can design your travel as per specific date

and duration of the travel in consideration of expense and preferences.

We have various Model itineraries of Kyushu tours

starting from Fukuoka Please find the most suit your

condition and then contact us by sending an Enquiry.   

We will create your Customized tour as per your




Christian Pilgrimage tours in Nagasaki region


Japanese Christianity has a unique history of continuing faith while coexisting 

with Japanese Religion Shinto and General society. 

Brief history of Japanese Christianity

1) Christianity was introduced in 1549 and many people converted to Christianity. 

2) Prohibition of Christianity was started in 1587 and some of those who wished

    to continue their faith were martyred.

3) But some of Christians who managed to escape from strong

   prohibition continue their worship for over 300 years at the

   remote areas as Hidden Christians.

4) Ban on the Christianity was lifted in 1873 and new history of

   Japanese Christianity has begun.



Golf tour  


Kyushu has about 250 golf courses and you can play golf comfortably throughout the

year because  it is warmer than other areas in Japan.

Our Golf tour is a Customized tour as per requirement.

The services is not just booking a golf course, arrangement

of transportation and accommodation are included as a

package of services. Further more, any other extras you may

need such as sightseeing and meals, we also can organize.


Study tours  (from the viewpoint of SDGs) 


The Goals to be achieved vary by country and region and the solutions and

difficulty to reach the Goals also differ.

Kitakyushu and Nagasaki are the best places for learning

SDGs. Because the histories, current environmental

leadership  and further plans of those areas are related

to all 17 Goals, therefore the solutions  for each participant 

can be found.



For Travel Agencies


We would like to support and cooperate with Travel Agencies around

the world including Japan to share our services as a Tour Operator

in Kyushu.

We will provide the detail itinerary in accordance with your customer’s

condition and requirement.


MICE  Excursion


We provide the Excursions as a local expert for the participants of the

International convention such as the Meetings and Events held in

Fukuoka-city and Kitakyushu-city. We have many kinds of rich resources

for making excursions here. Therefore, we can offer numerous different

excursion courses in one international convention.



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