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Services for foreign customers

  • Tailor-made tour in Kyushu

We offers various types of customized private tours and trips exclusively for you.

Japan KYUSHU Tourist is the Specialist of Fukuoka-prefecture and Kyushu tours. 

Your own customized tour can be planned based on your purpose and interest of journey.   


Our Services  


Tailor-made tours  

Our Tailor-made tour is offered as a package tour exclusively for you.

We have the following two styles of Tailor-made tour to help you select

the suitable tour.

Group tour

Self-guided tour


Study tours  

Our Study tour is being offered for Schools, Universities, companies and

any other groups. The places where we are proceeding the study tours are

Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka-city and Nagasaki-city. We have various themes

of study such as Environment, Solid Waste management, Industry, Science,

Geography, Architecture as well as Economy.  Study tour results 


Christian Pilgrimage tours in Nagasaki region 

Japanese Christianity has a long history of continuing faith while

coexisting with Japanese traditional religion Shinto and General

society. Japan’s unique practice of the Christian faith continued

even during the ban on Christianity. A lot of the Christian Pilgrimage

sites in Nagasaki regions have been registered on UNESCO

Hidden Christian Sites. Where to visit : Nagasaki, Sotome, Unzen

Shimabara, Amakusa and Hirado 


Golf tour  

Fukuoka and Kyushu are Paradises of Golf. Kyushu has about 250 golf

courses and you can play golf comfortably throughout the year because

it is warmer than other areas in Japan.

Our Golf tour is a package tour including arrangement of golf courses,

transportation, accommodations and any other extras you may need

such as sightseeing and meals arrangement.  Golf tour results


Our customers from all over the World : 46 countries so far  

Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia

Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan, Laos, Bangladesh

Mongolia, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyz, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq

Turkey, Finland, England, Scotland, Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Fiji

Morocco, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Japan



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