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26 Saints Pilgrimage route in Dairi

The Twenty-six Christians, including six foreign missionaries and three young boys, were arrested

in Kyoto and Osaka on the order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the National ruler, for preaching Christianity.

They were marched 800 km through the snow to Nagasaki and crucified in front of large crowd on

Nishizaka hill on Feb. 5, 1597.

The marched route, as the Pilgrimage route to Nagasaki were from Kyoto, Osaka, Himeji,

Hiroshima, Shimonoseki, Dairi, Kokura, Fukuoka, Saga, and Tokitsu to Nagasaki.


Today, we wish to show the Pilgrimage route in Dairi.

 (Took a ship from Shimonoseki and landed at Dairi)



    Landed point

     Dairi Pilgrimage route

     Dairi Pilgrimage route


    Dairi Pilgrimage route

     Dairi Pilgrimage route


Jan. 09, 2021

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