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5 days Kyushu tour for Singaporean customer


Type of the tour : Tailor-made tour

Country of customer :  Singapore

Number of participant : 4 person (adults) 

Schedule : May 20 through 24, 2019

Transportation : Rental car

Where to explore

  Aso, Kuju, Yufuin, Ukiha& Akizuki ,Toyota Motor Kyushu,Dazaifu, Fukuoka



Tour result

Day 1, May 20

8:35 Arrive at Fukuoka Airport

Transfer to Kikuchi

Kikuchi Gorge

Strawberry picking at Fruit Land Couples

Stay at Takenokura Sanso



Day 2, May 21

Kuju Flower Park, Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi


Sake Brewery Kuju SENBAZURU

Stay at Yufuin Ryokuyu



Day 3, May 22

9:00 leave hotel

Transfer to Ukiha

Ukiha Inari Shrine, lunchi at Shirakabe, Shochu brewery Beniotome Shuzo


Stay at Akizuki Onsen Seiryuan



Day 4, May 23

9:00 leave hotel

Toyota Motor Kyushu

Dazaifu Sightseeing


Stay at Tokyu Stay Hakata



Day 5, May 24

8:00 leave hotel to the Airport

10:00 Back to Singapore by SQ655



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