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5 days Kyushu tour for Malaysian customer

Type of the tour : Tailor made tour

Country of customer : Malaysia

Number of participant s: 4person

Schedule : Nov 2 through Nov6, 2019

Transportation : Chartered jumbo taxi

Guide: English speaking driver

Where to explore

 Fukuoka, Takachiho, Aso, Yufuin, Beppu, Ukiha



Tour result


Day 1, Nov 2

8:20   Arrive at Fukuoka Airport by SQ656

10:00-15:30 Itoshima sightseeing

  Mataichino shio, Keya Cave cruise, Raizan Snnyoji temple


Stay at Hotel Monte Hermana



Day 2, Nov3

9:30  leave the hotel

Transfer to Takachiho

12:00-13:00 Lunch at Hotel grateful Takachiho

Exploring Takachiho ; Takachiho Gorge, Takachiho Shrine


Transfer to Aso

 Exploring Aso ;  Mt.Aso, Daikanbo, Kusasenri-ga-hama


Stay at Oyado Kafugetsu Kurokawa



Day 3, Nov 4

9:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Yufuin

 Exploring Yufuin ; Yufuin floral village, Kinrinko Lake, Yunotubo avenue


Lunch at Yufuin yufu mabushi Shin Ekimae


Stay at Yufuin Bath Satoyama-safu



Day 4, Nov5

9:00  leave the hotel

Beppu hell tour, foot bath


Lunch : Tempura

Stay at Hana Beppu Hotel



Day 5, Nov 6

9:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Fukuoka via Ukiha

Ukiha Inari Shrine

Lunch at Shirakabe (local special cuisine)

Fukuoka sightseeing

Stay at Mitsui Garden Hotel Fukuoka Gion



What our Customer have to say

Our family of four recently engaged the service of Japan-Kyushu-tourist to show us around

Kyushu region. From the first enquiry Mr Masa Kondo and subsequently follow-up by

Ms Takako Hanami were very responsive and prompt in their email correspondence.

They have good suggestions for places to visit as well as restaurants that served local cuisines.

Since it’s a private tour we can dictate what we want to see and the length of stay at each attraction.

This made it very flexible and suited our style of travel. We take as long as we wanted wandering,

taking in the sights and many photo opportunities. The vehicle they arranged was top-notch with

plenty of room for comfort.


As for Mr Ko we cannot say enough good things about him. He is a careful driver who accompanied

us for five full days exploring Kyushu. His service is outstanding, professional, helpful, and courteous.

He is very punctual in picking us every morning. He is also very knowledgeable about the region of

Kyushu and respond to our questions promptly. The vehicle was kept clean and comfortable

throughout our trip.


Overall we had an enjoyable trip and it made it more so with a good driver/escort who is passionate

about his job. We would highly recommend japan-Kyushu-tourist and Mr Ko’s service to anyone

who is looking for a private tour in Kyushu.



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