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6 days Kyushu tour for Malaysian customer


Type of the tour : Tailor-made tour

Country of customer :  Malaysia

Number of participant : 37 person

Schedule : Aug 30 through Sep 4, 2019

Transportation : Large chartered bus

Chinese speaking guide

Where to explore

  Yufuin, Beppu, Kumamoto, Aso, Nagasaki, Ukiha, Dazaufu, Yamaguchi, Kitakyshu, Fukuoka



Tour result

Day 1, Aug 30, Yufuin & Beppu


7:40 Arrive at Fukuoka Airport by D7 538

Transfer to Yufuin

Exploring Yufuin

Lunch at Kagura in Yufuin

Beppu Hell tour, Jigoku Meguri

Chinoike Jigoku, Blood Pull Hell


Umi Jigoku, Sea hell


Stay at Hotel New Tsuruta (Beppu)



Day 2, Aug 31, Beppu & Aso


9:00 leave hotel

Mount Tsurumi


Transfer to Aso

Lunch at Aso Buono

Mt.Aso and Kusasenri



Stay at Kumamoto Castle Hotel, Kumamoto-city



Day 3, Sep 1, Nagasaki


8:30 leave hotel

Transfer to Nagasaki

Exploring Nagasaki

Megane Bridge


Lunch at Yossu


Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum


Ground Zero


Dejima Wharf


Glover Garden


Chinatown, dinner


Stay at Hotel Marin World, Nagasaki-city



Day 4, Sep 2, Ukiha & Dazaifu


8:30 leave hotel

Fruit picking , grape


Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine


Dinner at Mizutaki Hanamidori


Stay at Comfort hotel Hakata, Fukuoka-city



Day 5, Sep 3, Yamaguchi & Kitakyushu


8:00 leave hotel

Motonosumi Shrine


Karato Fish Market


Kanmon pedstrian tannel


Lunch at Kaimon, Mojiko Retro, Grilled Curry


JR Moji Station


Mojiko Retro


Dinner at JR Hakata Station


Stay at Comfort hotel Hakata, Fukuoka-city



Day 6, Sep 4

Back to Malaysia by D7 539



What our Customer have to say

Everyone arrived home safely. Thank you very much for your arrangement.

Everyone enjoyed the trip & food.

I still have some friends who are interest to visit Kyushu, so once they confirm,

I’ll contact you again.



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