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8 days Kyushu tour for Filipino customer


Type of the tour : Tailor-made tour

Country of customer :  Philippines

Number of participant : 4 person

Schedule : July 19 through 26, 2019

Transportation : Jumbo taxi with English speaking driver

Where to explore

  Saga, Nagasaki, Unzen, Kumamoto ,Aso, Beppu, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka



Tour result


Day 1, July 19

9:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Saga

Tosu Premium outlet

Yoshinogari ruins , Arita


Stay at Takeo Century Hotel



Day 2, July 20

9:00  leave the hotel

Transfer to Nagasaki

Nagasaki Sightseeing

Peace Park, Glover garden, Oura cathedral, Dejima



Stay at Hotel Wing Port Nagasaki



Day 3, July 21

9:00 leave hotel

Transfer to Unzen

Unzen Jigoku-meguri,

Shimabara Sightseeing



Stay at Unzen Yumei Hotel



Day 4, July 22

9:00 leave hotel

Transfer from Shimabara to Kumamoto by ferry

Kumamoto Castle, Joseian, Suizenji-Park



Stay at Riverside Hotel Kumamoto



Day 5, July 23

9:00 leave hotel

 Transfer to Aso

 Aso sightseeing

 Mt.Aso, Daikango, Kusasenri-ga-hama


Stay at Aso Hotel 1bankan



Day 6, July 24

9:00 leave hotel

 Transfer to Beppu

 Beppu sightseeing

 Jigoku-meguri,foot bath



Stay at Hotel AILE



Day 7, July 25

9:00 leave hotel

 Transfer to Kitakyushu

 Kitakyushu sightseeing

 Mojiko Retro, Kokura Castle,Kitakyushu Manga Museum, Higashida



Stay at Comfort Hotel Kokura



Day 8, July 26

9:00 leave hotel

 Transfer to Fukuoka

 Dazaifu Tenmangu-Shrine, Yanagawa



Stay at ANA CROWNE Plaza Fukuoka



What our Customer have to say

Thank you for arranging our recent Kyushu tour package. It is wellarranged.

Our tour guide/driver was very good and way beyond his assigned duties. 

Thank you also for the personal tour of the old Nippon Steel factory.

It was very educational as well as fun.



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