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8 days Christian Pilgrimage tour for Malaysian Customer


Number of participant : 6 persons

Schedule : November 18 to 24, 2023 

Where to visit  

・Nov. 18 : Arrive at Fukuoka, exploring Nagasaki, stay in Nagasaki

・Nov. 19 : Exploring Nagasaki, stay in Nagasaki

・Nov. 20 : Exloring Shimabara and Unzen, stay in Unzen

・Nov. 21 : Exploring Amakusa, stay in Amakusa

・Nov. 22 : Exploring Kumamoto, stay in Kumamoto

・Nov. 23 : Exploring Aso, stay in Fukuoka

・Nov. 24 : Exploring Fukuoka and Itoshima, stay in Fukuoka

・Nov. 25 : Back to home 

Transportation : Private vehicle with English speaking driver 


What our Customer have to say

We would like to express our appreciation to Mr Masa and yourself for masterfully

organizing the ground tour for us. We saw the sites where the Christians and

Hidden Christians were persecuted, the monastery and church established by

St Kolbe when he was in Nagasaki in 1930 to 1936, and Nyokodo, the small hut

where Dr Takashi Nagai lived after the war; as well as other sites too numerous

to mention. All the sites which we visited had their own story to tell and we were

very moved, touched and enriched by the experience. Thanks for arranging the

accommodation which included a ryokan with built-in onsen, and fabulous kaiseki

dinners. We enjoyed staying at these establishments. Mr Taniguichi, our driver

was a great companion, giving insight to the places we visited, driving us safely

to all the destinations, being our translator and giving us wonderful suggestions

for lunch and dinner venues. 


Many thanks and best regards,


 - ● What our Customers have to say