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Accurate Japanese map completed by Ino Tadataka in 1821


Ino Tadataka started surveying the land of Japan at the age of 56, and

spent 17 years creating Japan’s first accurate map of Japan based on actual


The map was completed in 1821, three years after his death.

Siebold came to Japan in 1823 as a Dutch doctor, and not only introduced

Western culture to Japan, but also passionately researched and collected

materials about Japan.

When he was returning to Dutch, he was found hiding a secret Japanese

map made by Ino Tadataka, and was ordered to be deported.

However, at that time, he succeeded in secretly copying the map and

taking it with him.

Siebold introduced Japan to the West through the maps and materials he

brought back.

This information served as a reference when Mathew C Perry came to

Uraga in 1853.

 - Japanese history