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Ban on Christianity in 1612


The number of Christians in Japan continued to increase, and reaching 300,000 in 1614.

Fearing the ever-increasing number of Christian rebellions, Tokugawa Shogunate finally

issued a ban on Christianity in Nagasaki in 1612, and two years later in 1614 throughout

the country in Japan.


After that, the history of martyrdom began in various places.

・in 1617, 4 missionaries were martyred in Omura

・in 1622, Genna great martyrdom (55 Christians) at Nishizaka

・in 1622-24, Ikutsuki and Nakae-no-shima island martyrdom

・from 1627, Unzen jigoku martyrdom

・1633, Nakaura Julian martyred in Nishizaka

・in 1637, Shimabara Rebellion

・in 1644, Konishi Manjo martyrdom, Domestic priests become absent

・in 1657, Persecution of Christians in Omura

・in 1790, Persecution of Christians in Urakami

・in 1839, Persecution of Christians in Urakami

・in 1856, Persecution of Christians in Urakami

 - ● History of Japanese Christianity