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Kabuki, is one of Japanese traditional stage arts along with Nho


It is said to have originated in Kyoto with a woman named Okuni at the beginning of the 17th century.
However, it is now performed only by male actors, so it amazing that the
very first performance was by a woman.
Male actors called onnagata specialize in playing female roles. 
Kabuki started out as theater for the common people, so it does not
have strict rules like nho or traditional Japanese music and dance.
The stage was similar to nho stage at first, but has changed 
The hanamichi is a platform extending from the main stage, 
and is used by actors to come and go from the main stage.


In Kyushu, you can watch Kabuki at Hakata-za located in Fukuoka-city


The theater for Kabuki plays, musicals, the Takarazuka 
Revue and variety of other shows that are performed 


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