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Arita porcelain

Arita porcelain called Arita-yaki is 400-year old porcelain from Arita in 
Saga Prefecture.
The piece have bright, elegant pictures drawn in transparent while 
In the early 17th century, a group led by the Korean potter Yi Sam-pyeong 
discovered a pottery stone in the Izumi Mountain of Arita. He was the first 
to make porcelain in Japan. 
In those days, it was shipped from Imari Port, and do Arita-yaki is sometimes 
called Imari.
Arita-yaki was exported to Europe in the later half of the century, and it, along 
with Chinese porcelain, greatly influenced European pottery.
The unique Arita-yaki red, green and yellow pattern called Kakiemon style was 
loved by Europe’s aristocrats.

Every year during Golden Week in spring, the Arita Ceramic Bazaar is held 
in Arita.
Over 500 shops set up business and over a million people come from around 
the country.
You’ll find all kinds of pottery, from daily items costing less than 
100yen to masterpieces costing millions of yen.

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