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Japanese cuisines and beverages

Japan is a foodie’s paradise, with some of the finest and most 
varied cuisine in the world.


 Traditional cuisine of Japan (日本食)

It is based on steamed rice, soy bean soup and The traditional 
cuisine of Japan is based on steamed rice, soy bean soup and 
other dishes; there is an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. 



Baked Eel(うなぎの蒲焼)

Eel are very nutritious, and are believed to provide us with a 
lot of physical energy.
Before eating, powdered “Sansho”, a kind of spice, is usually 
sprinkled over the eel to heighten its flavor.  more 


Grilled eel on rice (アナゴ飯)

It is a local cuisine in Hiroshima.
Charcoal grilled eel seasoned with soy sauce and 
mirin served on boiled rice.
The aroma that rises the cooking eel is mouthwatering.


Yobuko Squid (呼子のイカ)

The squid has a sweetness that melt upon the tangue. 

In the finely crafted style of sashimi known as Ikezukuri, the flesh 
of still-living seafood is served.
The freshness is outstanding in fact, flesh is usually still twitching 
while served up on the plate.   more


Udon, wheat noodle(うどん)

It is noodle from wheat flour, and is a little thicker than 
Soba noodle.
Udon is eaten either from bowls filled with hot soup, or by 
dipping it into special soup as in the case of Soba. more..


Soba, buckwheat noodle(そば)

Long, thin brownish noodle made from buckwheat flour 
to which is added wheat flour, egg, and sometimes yam 
starch. It is eaten either in hot soup, “Kakesoba” or as a 
cold dish, “Morisoba”.In Morisoba, noodle is piled up on 
small flat bascket. more ... 


Hakata Ramen at Yatai (博多ラーメン)

Food stalls “Yatai” is one thing to enjoy in Fukuoka
Despite a decline in recent year, there are said to be 
more than 160. The food stalls have all kind of food, but you 
have to try Hakata ramen, usually made with white soup from 
pork bone and thin noodles. more


Kawara soba(瓦そば)

literally means a roof tile buckwheat noddle.
The meal is a local cuisine in Kawatana, Yamaguchi prefecture.
The buckwheat noddle which is served on the heated roof tile.


Dango-jiru (だんご汁)

The meal is a local specialty in Oita.
It is made by boiling flat noodles made from wheat flour 
together with ingredients such as radishes, carrots, 
burdock roots, aroids, and shiitake mushrooms in miso 
flavored dashi (broth). more


Typical Japanese breakfast (日本の朝食)

It consist of steamed rice, soybean soup with asari clams, 
tsukune (chicken meatloaf with egg, dried laver seaweed, 
natto ( fermented soybeans) and raw egg mixed 
with steamed rice. more


Sake Brewery(日本酒の酒蔵)

There are a lot of Sake brewery where you can visit in Kyushu.

Sake is an alcoholic beverage brewed from rice, koji mold and 
yeast. Its alcohol content ranges from 13% to 16% and its 
quality varies according to its fermentation processes.



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