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About Japan

Japan is a destination like no other and has fascinating and unique culture.

Onsen Resort (温泉) 
There are many volcanoes around Japan especially Kyushu 
region, and therefore many Onsen resorts have been made.
Each Onsen is said to have its own healing property.
Onsen resorts or hotels either use water from an actual spring 
or they boil mineral water.

Foot bath in Beppu (足湯)
Foot bath is called Ashiyu in Japanese and is a public bath 
in which people can bath their feet.
Ashiyu in Beppu set up 
at Kannawa Onsen. You can easily enjoy it without having 
to remove all your clothing, only the feet and leg up to the
knee are immersed. 

Japanese castle (日本の城) 

Castle is called Shiro in Japanese and were originally military fortifications designed to keep the enemy out.
In the Sengoku (civil war) period from 15th to 16th century, 
territorial warlords competed in building castles in 
mountainous areas across the country. more

Japanese religion (日本の宗教) 

Why is Japanese religious orientation eclectic?
Japanese indigenous religion, Shinto, has no founder or written
doctrine and places a great
emphasis on ancestor and nature 
worship.  more 

Torii (鳥居) 
Torii is a gate-like structure placed at key point in the path 
leading to the Shinto shrine.

It is very unique for the vermilion torii gate of
Itsukushima Shrine to stand in the sea.

Inari Shrine 
The shrine is dedicated to Inari, the god of rice.

They can be recognized by fox statues at entrance, 
which are considered the messenger of Inari.

What is jizo? (地蔵) 
Jizo is a statue of Buddhist saint, the Bodhisattva generally 
standing by the country roadside. Jizo is considered as 
guardian deities of children who can protect children from 
demons of hell. more

Tobata Gion Yamagasa (戸畑祇園山笠)
Float Festivals including Tobata Gion Yamagasa inscribed 
on UNESCO Intangible Heritage List in 2016.
The festival has a lot of energy and is very dynamic as is the 
case with festivals such as the Hakata Gion Yamagasa,
carrying the Yamagasa (festival float) and walking around 
the town shouting  “yoitosa yoitosa”. more

Martial art, Karate (空手)
Karate is a martial art developed in the Okinawa, Kyushu, 
and is art of self-defense that use no weapons and relies 
instead on three main techniques; arm strike, thrusts and 
kicks.  more

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