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Excursion & Activities


We offer many activities and fun things to do in Kyushu.


Canal boat cruise in Yanagawa 

Yanagawa Canal boat cruise is to board a small boat called the Donkobune and slowly go down the river skillfully maneuvered by a boatman with bamboo pole. 

Enjoy a leisurely cruise along the streets and houses which still retain some remnants of castle town.   more


Foot bath in Beppu 

Foot bath is called Ashiyu in Japanese and is a public bath in which people can bath their feet. Ashiyu in Beppu set up at Kannawa Onsen. You can easily enjoy

it without having to remove all your clothing, only the feet and leg up to the knee

are immersed.  more


Fruit picking

In the harvest time, the northern Kyushu boasts many area with beautiful

fruit orchards.
Fukuoka is one of the leading fruit-producing prefecture in all Japan.

The fruit production in Fukuoka is primarily concentrated in the southern 

Chikugo region such as Ukiha,  Asakura and Kurume.  more


Hell tour 

The most exciting experience in Beppu is Jigoku Meguri or (Burning Hell) tour.  
A collection of hot springs where the water bubbles forth from underground,

often with unusual result. more


Sake brewery visiting

There are a lot of Sake brewery in Kyushu where you can visit.
Most of brewery have a tasting corner, 
Let’s sample sake.

Sake is an alcoholic beverage brewed from rice, koji mold and yeast.   more 


Michino Eki

Michino Eki means Road Station in Japan.

it provodes places for travelers to rest, they are intended to promote local

tourism and trade.
There are local shop where you can but local product such as agricultual products, seafood,
snacks, souvenirs and other goods.  more



The world’s most dynamic, magnificent and spectacular Let’s enjoy the breathtaking scenery that you have never seen before.   more


Japanese cultural experience in Kokura

Time to enjoy dressing in Kimono, tea ceremony experience, and Rickshaw

riding experience Kokura Castle Garden and Kokura Castle. You can also take

beautiful photographs in this location to provide you with wonderful

memories and recollection of your visit to Kokura.  more 



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